What Are Filipinas Like?

One of the questions you will ask yourself when considering a trip to the Philippines is “what are Filipinas like?” it is always wise to equip yourself with enough knowledge of the culture, the people, hot spots, food, and so on, of a particular location before actually going there. Not only will this save you a lot of time, it will make your trip less stressful, too, not to mention, more exciting.

Filipino women are known for many things. Let’s start with the physical aspects of a Filipino woman. If you are going to search through Philippine tourist blogs and Asian dating sites, you will see that there are physical features distinct to Filipino women – i.e. short stature, chinita eyes, flat nose, morena complexion. But the real beauty of a Filipina lies within.

Filipino women are among the most caring people in the world. If you’re looking for some tender loving care, you’ll find it in the hands of a Filipina. Indeed, if you decide to marry a Filipina, you can be almost certain that your everyday needs will be taken cared of – from your morning coffee to your vitamins, to practically anything.

Filipino women are gentle beings, but they are strong-willed.  They have very strong principles when it comes to almost everything. You might have thought that with their frail exterior they can be easily taken advantage of, but don’t be fooled. They are very tough inside and they can weather practically any storm that comes their way.

Filipino women are intelligent. Many of them excel academically while others are what you might consider as “street-smart”. Many women can speak very good English. From the way they speak, you might think that English is their second language. So if you are from an English-speaking country you will not have any trouble communicating with a Filipina at all. That’s really one problem off your back as you will not have to go through so much trouble learning the Filipino language, although of course being able to speak some Filipino words can work to your advantage. Filipinas find it really cute when foreign make an effort to say “Kumusta kayo?” (How are you?) or “Mahal ko kayo” (I love you).

Filipinas are a joy to be with. They have a happy disposition which radiates to people they’re with. When they laugh, they do it with their whole heart, and you who are around a Filipina will have to laugh along even though you don’t really understand what’s funny.

I wouldn’t say exactly that days when Filipina women are too conservative they wouldn’t even talk to a stranger, more so if the stranger is from a foreign country are long gone. But Filipinas have indeed evolved into friendlier beings. They have become more open to relationships and friendship with foreigners. But of course it’s one thing to befriend and Filipina and then expect her to become intimate with you in so short a time. Many Filipinas, while not conservative anymore, are still not that aggressive. If they will engage in an intimate relationship it is usually after getting to know the other party well enough.

Getting to know a Filipina is not difficult. Now that you have some ideas of what are Filipinas like, you can now start the first steps to befriending one.

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