What Do Filipinas Love In A Man

Increasing your chances of a romance with a Filipina begins with an understanding of what do Filipinas love in a man. Now why is this so? Because first impressions are very important, and you would certainly want her first impressions of you to be good, would you not?

So what do Filipinas love in a man? Filipinas have varied tastes, mind you, but generally …

  • A Filipina woman loves a gentleman. Exactly what does this mean? A gentleman is respectful, in words and in actions. He is someone who has good manners, someone who does not curse or use bad words. He is the type who opens the door for a woman, who helps a woman carry her stuff, who stays by her side when crossing the street. It might seem old-fashioned, yes; after all, we are already in this world of gender sensitivity, where women don’t have to be made to look like the weaker sex. But the truth is that women, generally, will still go for this type of man. Make sure, you don’t overdo it, though, because trying too hard to be a gentleman when it is not in your nature to begin with will backfire on you eventually.
  • A Filipina woman loves a man who is on time. Although Filipinos are used to the “Filipino time”, when it comes to dating, the guy shouldn’t come in later than the woman. Filipino women know there aren’t too many reasons why a guy should come in late for a date.
  • A Filipina woman loves to be down-to-earth. Filipina girls are simple people who love good company. Don’t put on pretenses. Filipina women are more comfortable with men who can make them laugh, who are easy to get along with, and who think that life is a lot of fun and meant to be enjoyed.
  • A Filipina woman loves surprises. They don’t have to anything grand at all. If a bouquet of flower is not within your budget, find other ways you can surprise her. For instance, send her beautiful messages through text, email, or through the more traditional (but heartwarming) way – the post office.

The physical attributes are really not that important to Filipino women, but at any rate, it should work to your advantage to look like you’ve taken an effort with yourself. I’m not talking here about buying expensive clothes; what’s important is that you look clean and smell clean, especially when meeting a Filipina for the first time. If you can afford to buy a new outfit, go ahead; otherwise throw in something that does not look worn out but well-ironed. If you’re going on a date for the first time, spend some time to freshen yourself up. Shave if necessary, and splash on some light perfume, preferably one that has a clean and fresh scent.

Beyond understanding what do Filipinas love in a man is the need to carry on these tips to get yourself closer and closer to the heart of a Filipina.

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