How Do Filipino Women Love Their Family?

How do Filipino women love their family? I’ll tell you one thing – Filipino women will do everything for their family. What exactly do I mean by this? Many Filipino moms would go to the extent of leaving their family in search of greener pastures, but with the end in view of providing their children with the best of everything life has to offer.  Women of such kind jump at the opportunity to leave their home country to go abroad and work as domestic helpers or factory workers so that they can put their children to good schools and ensure they have food on the table every single day.

On the other hand, there are Filipino women who go to the extent of giving up their job so they can concentrate of being a full-time mom.

Well of course this should not give you the impression that the first group of Filipino women don’t love their family such that they can afford to leave them behind. Don’t think material things matter more to them than being with their loved ones. Because when you think about it, it’s exactly because of love of family that pushes them to go away. These people know that it’s the only way they can give their children a future, and so they make the ultimate sacrifice. Life in other countries is hard, yet these women have to face their fears, brave the discrimination, and the physical, mental, and emotional abuses, just so their children will not have to go through the same situation. Yes, that’s how much Filipino women love their family.

Similarly, you cannot say that Filipino women who choose to devote their entire time to their families are more blessed, because it’s not as if they didn’t sacrifice anything. For most of these women, giving up their career is like giving up a part of themselves, especially if it has taken them years to build their dreams from scratch. Letting go of something that has a significant meaning is in itself a sacrifice.

Filipino women, regardless of which group they belong, are doting parents. Their children’s needs take top priority over their own needs. They will buy their children all that they need even if it means giving up buying Starbucks coffee for a month or two, or the luxury of taking a cab to work once a week . The way Filipino women tend to their children might give you the impression that they are spoiling their kids. They are disciplinarians, too, and they instill discipline when necessary. And Filipino women are emotionally strong so it’s not surprising to see their family leaning on them for support.

This article is never intended to compare how much Filipino moms would go through to show their love for their family but to emphasize that in both circumstances, love is the defining factor. There might be a world of difference among the two groups, but one thing is evident for sure – their love for their family is beyond question. That’s how do Filipino love their family.

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