Why Date A Filipina?

Why date a Filipina? Well, why not? With all the great attributes (physical and otherwise) of Filipina women, you have to be out of your mind to refuse dating one. If you are dreaming of one day getting married to a Filipina, you need to start somewhere, and going out with her Is a good place to start (of course, that’s assuming that you have already been introduced, be it formally or informally).

Anyways, here are two reasons why dating a Filipina has to be done:

  • Dating provides an avenue for you to get to know each other better.  You must get to know a Filipina as well as possible because marriage, to most Filipino people, is a lifetime commitment. Going on dates with a girl allows you to know her deeper. By taking her to movies, restaurants, or fun places, you get the chance of seeing her lighter, less serious side. Catch her in her best times, or worst, in her guarded and unguarded moments. Dating a Filipina allows you to become more comfortable with each other, which so happens to be an important factor in any relationship.
  • Dating a Filipina does not require a huge expense. That’s the thing with Filipino women – they can be easily impressed with little but meaningful things. You don’t really have to spend a fortune just to take her to an expensive restaurant, because a time well spent together is far more important to a Filipina than the experience of fine dining.

Dos and Don’ts When Dating a Filipina

There are several dos and don’ts you need to keep in mind when taking a Filipina girl out on a date:

  • Don’t be late. You never let a girl, a Filipina especially, wait for you especially on your first date. Being late for an appointment never makes a good impression and you wouldn’t want the Filipina girl to think that you don’t think she’s important enough for you to drop everything else just to meet her on time. If for some reason you cannot come on time do have the sense of responsibility to call ahead of time and let her know.
  • Prepare well for your date. Look like you’ve really taken the time to make this day extra special for her. Don’t look like you’ve just gotten out of bed; rather, come with a fresh-looking face and  in a clean shirt. It might be a good idea to shave your face because it makes you look neat and Filipinas do love the light scent of after-shave.
  • Carry on a happy disposition. Set the mood of your date. Be in your best behavior and in a happy disposition. You want this to be a fun night, don’t you?
  • Do talk and listen. Don’t gab about yourself the whole night. Bragging is such as huge turn-off! Let the lady speak and listen to what she says. It can’t be boring because Filipinas are great conversationalists. They can carry on a conversation with men, even foreign men, pretty well.

Once you have agreed to the reasons why date a Filipino, make sure to keep these dos and don’ts in mind, too.

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