Why Filipino Women Marry American Men

Why Filipino women marry American men may sound a bit strange to a lot of people.  After all, the differences between the two are just too many and too glaring. Besides their home countries in opposite directions, Filipino women and American men are so different in so many ways.

In terms of physical attributes, the two can’t be the same. Filipino women are generally short in stature. The average height of Filipino women is only 5 feet and 2 inches. Filipinas have a characteristically dark complexion, a flat nose, and chinita eyes that are a dark brown in color. Their hair is either jet black or dark brown. But a Filipina’s smile is charming to the point that you don’t easily forget about it. In fact seldom can you see a Filipina smiling at you and not be instantly drawn to her. There’s just too much warmth in her smile.

Americans, on the other hand, are very tall people. At 6 feet and 2 inches tall, they may look like giants next to Filipino women. Americans have white complexion, and their eyes can be blue, green, brown, grey, or black. Their hair can be blond, ash, brown or black.

Filipino women are family-oriented. They are very close to their families. A typical Filipino home is never lonely with grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren all living together under the same roof. Americans love their independence. They long to be free and so many of them leave their home to live by themselves the moment they turn 18 years old. Many Americans don’t even get to see their families for a long time. But while Americans may appear to want to live their own lives, it does not mean that they care about their families less.

Filipinos are generally conservative. You can see this in the way they dress, speak, carry themselves, and in the values they uphold. They are generally one-man-women, and for them marriage is a sacrament that must be valued greatly. There are no divorce laws in the Philippines yet. Americans, meanwhile, are liberated. They wear anything they want not caring what other people think. They are bolder in their choice of clothes or speech. Couples living together outside marriage are common to Americans. Divorce is a fact of life.

But maybe it is because of all these differences that Filipino women are drawn to American men and vice versa. As the saying goes, opposites attract. Maybe the fact that they are so unlike each other is also the one thing that will keep them together. Because they are different, they can learn from each other, and that makes everything more exciting, doesn’t it?

Marriage can still work even if the two people involved do not look the same or who have differing opinions and personalities. One does not need to change his/her personality for the other person, unless, of course, one’s personality is becoming destructive already. The secret to a lasting marriage is to blend all the differences together and to understand and appreciate all these differences.

So why Filipino women marry American men is really not about money or acquiring the US citizenship, but about true love amidst the differences.

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