Why Marry A Filipina and Why Not?

Why marry a Filipina when you can get any girl to spend the rest of your life with? Why a Filipina of all races? Well, if what you want is someone with substance, then indeed, a Filipina makes a wise choice.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Filipino women value marriage. As many of them grew up under the care of both parents, they naturally expect their marriage to also last forever. So if you are a one-woman-man who believes in marriages that last a lifetime, a Filipina is the woman for you.
  • A Filipino woman is a great companion at home. Not only is she reliable when it comes to organizing things at home, but she can also be an excellent stress-reliever. She can make you feel better by whipping your favorite meal, brewing the perfect cup of coffee, massaging your stress points and entertaining you with funny stories. A Filipino woman is someone you really would like to come home to at the end of a stressful day.
  • Filipinas are known to be doting mothers. For a Filipina, children are a priority. She’s willing to go through lengths and widths to be sure that her children are safe, healthy, well-provided for and happy. She takes care of their needs from sunup to sundown. With her untiring love and support, she does deserve to be called a “superwoman”.

On the other hand, there are also reasons why you should not marry a Filipina:

  • If you think that a Filipina will be at your every beck and call, don’t marry one. Filipina women are loving people, yes, but don’t expect them to be your slave. They may want to do things out of love, but don’t abuse their generosity.
  • Don’t marry a Filipina, either, if you only intend to keep her in the house and not allow her to socialize or do anything else than taking care of you. Keep in mind, Filipino women are smart and sociable people. They may naturally want to do something productive, something that will enhance their skills and creativity, something that will develop them as a person. Don’t worry, allowing a Filipina to do what she wants and to explore the world does not mean that she will leave you. It will, in fact, only make her a better person, and as she becomes a better person, she also becomes a better wife and mother.
  • Don’t marry a Filipina for reasons other than love.

Most Filipino women grew up as Catholics who believe that marriage is a sacrament. As a sacrament, it needs to be respected and preserved. A marriage with a Filipina is bound to last forever when you marry her because of love and of course when you also do your share to make things work. It takes two to tango, as they say, and a Filipina makes a good partner when you dance the music of love.

When you begin to appreciate the desirable qualities of Filipino women, you will not wonder anymore why marry a Filipina when there are plenty of beautiful roses in the garden.

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