Why Marry A Filipina Woman

Do you need to ask why marry a Filipina woman? You must be desiring a happily ever after, then. But quite frankly, marriage comes with no guarantees. Just because you married a Filipina does not mean that the marriage will last a lifetime. In like manner, if you married an American it does not necessarily follow that you will end up divorced after just a few years. The success of a marriage is not dependent on who you marry. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango. Both of you must do your share to make your relationship work.

But if truth be told, Filipino women are not likely to give up on their marriage easily. Filipino women are feisty within reason. They will not want to lose something without giving it a fight. You might have thought that because they appear demure on the outside, they don’t have a heart of steel because many actually do. Filipino women are very strong inside, so if you think you can simply bring them down, think again. This never-give-up attitude tells you that Filipino women will fight for their marriage and their family, and they will not stop doing so until they have exhausted all available means.

Aside from this, the fact that the Philippines is an extremely Catholic country also counts a lot. The Catholic Faith teaches that marriage is a sacrament and as such must be respected. There is no divorce law in the Philippines, mind you, a fact that may tell you that divorce is not an option when troubles set in. Anybody who wants to get out of an abusive or unhappy marriage may file for annulment or separation, but the process can be very tedious, long and costly. Maybe it is designed to be very difficult to discourage couples from going through the ordeal of separation. Initially, the couple may need to undergo counseling to determine if there really is a need to go through the process or not. In many cases, couples are able to find themselves in each other’s arms during counseling.  Well, Filipinas are very understanding and because they love from the heart, they can easily forgive and forget the faults of their erring husbands.

Needless to say, if the reasons are found justifiable, the one filing the case may be required to present concrete evidences to support his/her case.  This itself can be time-consuming and daunting.

Filipino women are generally smart, down-to-earth, and domesticated in the sense that they love to straighten up things at home and keep everything organized for you. They will cook for you and attend to your needs first before theirs. They can keep you engaged in lively conversation, too, allowing you to forget your problems.

Filipinas have a gentle spirit and great sense of humor. I can list down so many other reasons why marry a Filipina woman, but in the end, you and your Filipino wife will be the ones responsible to give your love story a happy ending. Treat her right, then, and marry her only for the right reasons, no less.

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