Why Not To Marry A Filipina?

I couldn’t think of any reason why not to marry a Filipina. Filipino women possess many endearing qualities that it is quite unthinkable to pass up the opportunity to marry one. Filipino women may be known for their captivating beauty and charm, but there’s a lot more to Filipinas than meets the eye.

Here are some more great qualities of Filipina women that you might wish your would-be wife to possess:

  • Refined. Filipina women may not necessarily act like royalty but their refined ways are admirable. They are not rude, especially in public; neither do they act in haste. Filipina women are generally polite and respectful. Like a typical Maria Clara, they are not the type who would be running around the streets, screaming their lungs out or shouting invectives at someone.
  • Generous. Filipina women are generous, not necessarily in terms of money, but of time and effort. Didn’t you know, Filipina can even forego their own needs and wants just to accommodate those of their loved ones? And they can always be willing to go the extra mile for the one they love. Yes, they can sacrifice a lot just for you. Isn’t this enough reason to marry a Filipina.
  • Loyal. Filipinas in general are one-man women. They may keep on sailing until they have caught the best fish, but once they do, you can be almost sure that they will not lay eyes on another fish. And once they have said “I do” before God and men, they mean it for a lifetime, for better or for worse, in richer and in poorer. Filipino women love with a pure heart, you see, and for them, loving two or several men at the same time is just unthinkable.
  • Family-oriented. Filipinas love their families more than money or anything else for that matter. To Filipino women, families take first priority. Many women even give up their day job or a career they have built for years to concentrate fully on raising their children and being there for their husbands. Marrying a Filipina gives one the assurance that the needs of the family will be taken cared of first and foremost.
  • Excellent Home-maker. Filipinas are good in keeping the house in order. As young girls, they’ve been taught and trained to keep the house clean and clutter-free, to wash the dishes after every meal and then dry them later, to water the plants, to launder the clothes, and to cook.
  • Smart and witty. Most Filipino women have access to good education. They are knowledgeable of things around them, and even the great beyond. Because of these you can expect a Filipino woman to be smart and witty, a good conversationalist, someone who is not going to bore you to death.
  • Religious. Filipino women are deeply religious. Most of them are Catholics who put God at the very center of their lives.

Filipinas make great wives, whether to foreigners or to Filipino men themselves, so there shouldn’t be any doubt in one’s mind why not to marry a Filipina at all.

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