What Do Most Filipino Girls Dream of For a Husband?

Do you know what do most Filipino girls dream of for a husband? Just like any hopeless romantic out there, Filipino girls also dream of being swept off their feet and carried in a beautiful carriage. Yes, Filipino girls dream of a life with a happy ending, as they happen in fairy tales. Well, they know for a fact that life does not always work that way, yet they continue to dream, believing that things will get off to a good start at least with the right man.

What exactly do Filipino girls look for a man to consider him husband material?

Filipino girls always go for substance. This means to say that they are more concerned with the guy’s values rather than his physical attributes or even his wealth. Good looks and money are just bonuses – if you have them, well and good; otherwise, they really do not matter a lot to a Filipina.

Filipinas look beyond the exterior, and deep within. Specifically, the values or qualities Filipinas are looking for in a husband are:

  •  Must be thoughtful. For a guy to win a Filipina’s heart, he must be thoughtful, but not in an obsessive way, of course. Sending text messages every minute of every hour is being obsessive. Eventually, that is going to rub in the skin of the Filipina. Send her two or three text messages only to make her know you are thinking of her. And make your own messages rather than rely on forwarded messages. They are more personal and carry a deeper meaning. A simple one liner like, “how are you”, or “hope you’re smiling as you’re reading this message” can easily warm up a girl’s heart. Going the extra mile is also being thoughtful, so is doing things you know will be of great benefit to the girl even if it means you having to make some sacrifices.
  • Must be humble and down to earth. Filipinas find men who are down-to-earth more real; such will find themselves closer to the hearts of Filipina girls.
  • Must have a sense of humor. Filipinas are fun-loving themselves, and so they naturally will want someone they can be comfortable with, someone who can make them laugh and who they can laugh with.
  • Must be loyal. You must have eyes only for her because you can be sure she has her eyes only for you.
  • Respect. Respect is very important in any relationship. If you are planning a lifelong relationship with a Filipina, show her respect and make her respect you, as well. Don’t abuse her, physically or otherwise, and don’t do anything that will make her lose her respect in you.
  • Must have strong family values. Filipinos, generally, have strong family ties. If you want to marry a Filipina, you must have strong family values, yourself.
  • Values marriage. This is very important to a Filipina woman because marriage in the Philippines is highly respected.

So, do you think you have what do most Filipino girls dream of for a husband?

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