Laws of Attraction: What Filipino Girls like in A Man

If you are a man looking to date a Filipina, then you should know what Filipino girls like in a man. Filipino girls by nature are sweet and romantic. They like to be wooed, the traditional way, of course. The traditional way of wooing a Filipina is to come to her house, get to know her parents and hopefully, they could see your intentions. During these modern times, if you do not want to court a girl the traditional way, you can show it differently. Flowers and chocolates are still a must. Dates are part of the wooing process and this is the phase where you must be consistent and persistent.

Consistency is one of the characteristics that Filipina girls like most in a man. This is a great trait because every girl wants someone who will continue to woo them. This characteristic is also a way they know whether a man can be depended on. When a Filipino girl is looking for a man to have a serious relationship with, they want someone who’s responsible. What they mean by responsible is being careful in making decisions. Once a girl sees that you are responsible and hardworking, it shows that you are qualified for long term commitments and possibly even marriage. That is the goal, isn’t it?

Another popular saying is, “You are what you attract.” This goes without saying that you attract what you put out. If you want a girl to like you, then you must make sure you are attractive both outside and inside as well. Clean and well-groomed are what Filipino girls like in a man. They don’t want someone grubby and greasy. Make sure to fix yourself up. It won’t hurt you if you smell good as well. Intelligence is something respected and looked up to. Be smart and witty. Talk to her about things other than the weather or your favourite sports team.

A girl needs a caring man, someone not just sweet, but kind and thoughtful as well. If she’s sick, visit her and show her you care. A bowl of hot soup and a glass of orange juice will make her feel better if she’s sick with the flu. Little things like leaving sweet notes or thoughtful texts will make her feel special. Filipino girls like a nice guy, someone who knows the right thing and someone who will be there for her. While crossing the street, you should be at her danger side. When you will eat at a restaurant, hold out a chair for her.

If you want a Filipino girl to like you, then you must be yourself. Do not pretend to be someone you’re not. If you’re funny, tell her jokes, make her laugh. Do not pretend to be richer than you are. Be honest and loyal. Somehow, girls have this internal radar which buzzes them if you’re telling a lie. It’s called women’s intuition, a gut feeling. So, you better be honest, because girls tend to know when you’re not. Romantic, sweet, thoughtful, honest, loyal and intelligent; these are what Filipino girls like in a man.

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