Philippine Culture: How Does a Filipino Girl Value Education?

How does a Filipino girl value education and intelligence? Filipinos put education at such a high regard that even if they do not have the means, they put their children through school. Filipino girls have been brought up in an environment where education is a priority. Socio-economic status and health are not deemed as hindrances to get a better education. This is probably the reason why Filipino girls opt for educated guys when they choose their partners.

Education has been an indispensable part of the Philippine history. During the colonization of the Philippines, Filipinos have been taught by the Spaniards philosophy, science and math. Even in those times, Filipino women have been educated as well as their male counterparts. In the past, even though Filipino girls were educated in the field of science, math and philosophy, they still became stay-at-home wives. They didn’t find the need to establish a career for themselves.

The modern era of the century has provided a different outlook for the role of a Filipino woman. No longer are they just housewives contented with making a home, but today, they also strive to be educated and employed. Some women have even gone as far as to establish a career first before settling down and getting married.

A characteristic that a girl looks for in a probably partner is intelligence. Most of the time, the girl usually asks where the guy went to school and his major. Being educated is a big point for most women. How does a Filipino girl value education? By making sure that her boyfriend and future husband is well-educated. They need to have intelligent and interesting conversations with their partner. When girls start a family, they read to their children and teach them addition and subtraction even at an early age. They tell them bedtime stories about famous legends and fables. Filipino families really champion the cause of education.

Filipinos have the burning desire to learn about everything they can. They learn fast especially when they can benefit from what they know. Filipinos know that with the right knowledge, they can arm themselves to survive in the reality of life. That is how Filipinos succeed in life; with the knowledge they accumulate through school and the street smarts they acquire everyday. That is what Filipinos want their future children to gain; knowledge to help them out in life.

Education is the best legacy parents can leave to their children and their grandchildren. That is why women need their partners to have a high regard for education as well. They want a family where education is a priority and children appreciated learning about everything.

Filipino girls pride themselves on being book smarts and having the street smarts as well. They read books to learn and they apply it to real life. When a woman decides to have a career, she has what it takes to make it happen. There are successful women who are also great mothers. How does a Filipino girl value education: treating it as a secret to become successful.

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