Pre-Wedding Facts: How Does a Filipino Woman Respect Marriage Traditions

How does a Filipino woman respect marriage traditions? Simply by following a few of them, that’s how! Marriage is a big deal for most Filipino families because it is a time when two families come together to celebrate a union. It is a time when the woman enjoys planning for her soon-to-be wedding. Since Filipinos are highly religious, most marriages take place in churches.Even if they don’t have enough money, they would still push through with a church wedding. This is one of the many traditions of Filipino marriages.

Filipinos regard their parents and elders with utmost respect. That is why Filipino women, before marrying, would sit down and talk to their parents. Before making any decision about getting married, the bride-to-be and her fiancé must get the blessing of the parents and elders. The tradition of “Pamamanhikan” or the time the man, together with his parents, visits the woman’s residence to make wedding arrangements. Some families still uphold the tradition of the dowry and some parents expect the guys to be of service to them.

Brides-to-be are expected to wear white during their wedding day. It’s a tradition that sprung years ago. Brides also wear long veils or short veils. Wedding jewelry must not be made of pearls or anything with a pearl. Pearls are gemstones that are shaped like tears. Brides should avoid them because wearing them on the wedding day will spell heartaches and sadness for the married life.

The question, how does a Filipino woman respect marriage traditions, is easy to answer. Most Filipino women go by the rules of the book, especially when they want to have a traditional wedding. Church wedding ceremonies involve the veil and cord ceremony as well as the candle lighting. The pinning of the veil and the cord symbolize fidelity within the marriage for years to come. Lighting the candle symbolizes the unity of the man and woman during marriage.

Wedding traditions include throwing of rice over the heads of the bride and groom once the ceremony is over. This ensures a happy and prosperous married life. The bride should make it a point to assign people to throw rice at them once the ceremony is over.

The reception that comes after the wedding is also a part of the traditions. The common venue for the reception includes the hotel ballroom, the backyard of a home, a garden or by the beach. Delicious food dishes are served during the reception. Receptions in the past served home-cooked dishes. Today, dishes are catered.

The money dance performed during the reception is a part of the wedding traditions. A slow music is played, and the bride and groom dance while family, friends and guests pin money bills on their clothes. This is a fun way to gain money without asking for it! Two white doves are also released during the reception to symbolize the love and commitment between the newlyweds. These are just a few of the wedding traditions in relation to the question, how does a Filipino woman respect marriage traditions?

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