How Do Filipino Women Prepare Their Wedding Day

How do Filipino women prepare their wedding day is quite different, but interesting nonetheless. The preparations are grand in many respects, and meaningful in all others. Maybe it has a lot to do with their sentimental nature and the fact that they grew up in an environment where marriage is taught and regarded to be sacred.

Filipino women do take marriage very seriously. For them, marriage is more than just walking down the aisle; it is not just a twenty-hour event or something that can be undone if things don’t turn out well. So when Filipino women prepare for their wedding day, they have in mind a marriage that lasts a lifetime, and that pretty much explains why they have to go through such extent when preparing for the big day.

You’d think things would have gotten easier now with the availability of events coordinators to take the burden off would-be brides, but surprisingly, most Filipino women are still pretty much “hands-on” when it comes to preparing for their wedding day. It’s not that they cannot afford to pay for the services. For these women, doing things on their own makes everything more meaningful and imprints their personality on the event.

Before proceeding with the preparations, the bride-to-be sits with her fiancé to discuss about budget and the three basic Ws:

  • When is the actual date going to be
  • Where will it all happen
  • Who will be attending

Once these have been figured out and agreed upon, the guy usually gives the woman the upper hand in the other wedding details, such as gowns for the bride’s maids, flower girls, and other members of the entourage, and the wedding gown. The Filipina woman may ask her mom and best friends for advice where these matter. A common scenario is these women poring over stacks of magazines or scouring the World Wide Web for days on end. Narrowing the choices down can be extremely difficult, but a decision has to be made and it has to be made soon.

An appointment with the couturier is then made. The bride-to-be may choose to engage the full services of the couturier, which is deemed wise indeed. Besides making the gowns for the entourage, the couturier may spend time with the bride to be the night before the wedding until the wedding day itself to make sure that the wedding gown fits perfectly; otherwise alterations can be done immediately.

The bride-to-be gets a well-deserved massage a day or two before her big day. A full body massage is extremely great for her as it keeps her nerves relaxed and keeps her stress levels down. She may also want to enjoy a facial treatment or a hair makeover, and try on different makeup styles to find the one she will eventually wear on her wedding day.

There’s great rejoicing in the bride’s home the night before the wedding, but the bride has to turn herself in early, so the pre-wedding party is usually enjoyed by the family and friends until the wee hours of the morning.

Notwithstanding the trivialities and how do Filipino women prepare their wedding day, the bride has to prepare herself emotionally, and spiritually, as well, knowing that marriage is and always will be a roller-coaster ride.

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