How is The Filipino Wedding Process Done?

How is the Filipino wedding process done in the Philippines? There are two ways on how Filipinos can get married. It can either be through church weddings and civil weddings. Since Filipinos are known religious devotees, majority opt to get married in churches.

Church marriages take time and effort to plan out, also money. Weddings in churches are long and complicated. The entire ceremony normally takes about 40 minutes to an hour. However, the picture taking that takes place after the ceremony takes a longer time. Civil weddings are simpler and less complicated.

How do you file for a wedding in the Philippines? Here are the steps you should complete.

  1. The first thing you and your partner should get is a marriage license. Whether you decide to have a church or civil wedding, a license is a prerequisite. Applying for a marriage license can be done in the Local Civil Registry. Couples have to wait for ten days after the application before the marriage license can be issued. Once the license is issued, it should be used within 120 days, or else it would be void.
  2. You and your partner should decide whether you want to get married in a church or in front of a presiding official. In church weddings, the marriage certificate will be signed by both parties in the middle of the ceremony. During civil weddings, it is signed immediately as all witnesses are present.
  3. After the ceremony, the signed marriage certificate is then sent to the municipal hall where it will be filed and kept. Couples should never forget to obtain certified true copies of the marriage certificate from the municipal hall.

How is the Filipino wedding process different from other countries? It isn’t that much different in filing for a marriage license. Other countries have policies that should be followed and requirements that should be passed. However, the entire process is the same. Church weddings differ only depending upon the religion of the parties involved. Muslims have different matrimonial ceremonies from other religions.

Church weddings stand for white wedding dresses, barong tagalogs, tuxedoes or suits, aisles of flowers and a bridal entourage dressed in the couple’s wedding motif. Weddings like these require months of planning and preparation as well as budget. Old-fashioned couples tend to go for church weddings rather than civil weddings.

Civil weddings are ordinarily done in hall of justice but it can also be done in hotels, beaches and gardens, wherever the couples prefer. Witnesses are required to be present as well as the bride and groom. Motifs aren’t needed, but brides are still inspired to wear white dresses and carry small bouquets.

Filipinos place marriage in a high place that is why even if some couples can’t afford to have a wedding, they borrow money from their relatives. Weddings are an important part of the Filipino culture. Some regard wedding ceremonies as a spiritual uplifting and for some, weddings are a way for families to get closer. How is the Filipino wedding process achieved?

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