Philippine Culture: How Does A Filipino Woman Value Her Family?

How does a Filipino woman value her family? Filipino women have been raised in a culture where family always comes first above all things. A Filipino family is known for its close-knit ties, dignity and strength through adversity. Each member of the family has been taught at a young age to regard the family as the highest priority. No matter where they are or what they do for a living, family members find ways to spend time with each other despite their busy schedule.

Filipino women feel obliged to build a family of their own once they get settled down. Even if they have a career, they always consider the needs of their family first. Filipino women are taught to obey their superiors and elders. They aren’t rebellious and they don’t question the decisions of their elders. As wives, Filipino women also obey their husbands, or so it would appear. Whilst women look to obedient wives, Filipino women are sly and smart. They know what they want and they know how to get it without being too obvious to their husbands.

Filipino women are very respectful and tactful when it comes to the members of the family, especially the elders. They don’t speak rudely towards their parents. Filipino women who were raised properly do not curse or cuss in front of their elders. They also have firm and close-knit relations with their relatives, either by blood or by affinity. They know their aunts, uncles and cousins.

How does a Filipino woman value her family ties? Majority of women even after marriage opt to stay at their parents’ house. Even if they could afford buying and owning their own house, they would still choose to live with their parents. They also help their parents and their siblings in the financial aspect. They offer their help even when it is not needed. A family does not only mean people you are related to by blood. Filipinos also lend a helping hand to their in-laws in times of trouble.

Filipino women live to please their family. They would cook for their husbands everyday if they could. They clean the house and oblige in doing the household chores. She would cook his favourite meal and be at his beck and call. That is what a Filipino wife does for her husband. She does not do anything to displease her husband because she respects their relationship and their family bond.

In the modern times, Filipino women have adapted to the needs of the family and the society. In the past, women were just housewives. Today, they juggle having a career, children and keeping a good home. However, they still do not jeopardize their family. If given a chance, some Filipino women still opt to stay at home and take care of the family than to be away at work. They value the importance of their marriage and would fight for it if they think it is at risk for a rocky path. How does a Filipino woman value her family if not with respect and loyalty?

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