Creating a Unique Online Dating Profile

It is very important to make ones own online dating profile as one of a kind as you can. 95% of profiles are the same common cookie cutter user profile.

“Hey, I am not sure if this is likely to lead to anything but its worthy of a shot, I am a wonderful fellow with an above average job as an accountant. I like hiking and travel and am searching for a special someone to take along with me.”

Blah Blah Blah, a large number of these really exist. You simply NEED to stand out, starting with the heading and working your way down.

Be as inventive as you can. Your job? Ass model, shark wrestler, pro b-boy, whatever, the more outlandish and absurd it sounds, whilst nevertheless appearing nearly possible the better.

You also have such things as the first date area. You could be like every other fella and put something like coffee, cocktails or dinner and a movie. You could also put a thing that no one else has, something such as base jumping, underground texas hold’em tournament or whatever else imaginable.

You can alternatively post something such as “You take me out dancing, buy me a few cold drinks and show me a good time. Don’t even think about sex on the first date, I’m not really that easy.”

Being resourceful like this boasts the side effect of making the lady think that you’re not that serious or desperate. If you are wholly serious it can make it look like this is your only option therefore you do not have a lot of women in your life, developing a creative and different profile says the complete reverse.

The key is being radical yet not getting too nuts. Putting something for a first date similar to “We soar to mars for a party.” may sound stupid if not done right.

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