Free and Paid Online Dating: Which one is for you?

Online dating sites are becoming more popular and common these days. The presence of these sites satisfies the need of people who wanted to have more convenience as to finding a date. These sites have been around for quite some time now. In fact, there are now dating sites that cater to almost every relationship need of an individual, be it just for a fling, serious relationship or homosexual relationship. Aside from relationship type, these online dating sites are also categorized according to its terms of use. Some require a certain amount for subscription while there are also those that can be used totally free of charge.

These paid online dating sites are also known as premium dating sites while those that don’t require subscription fees are better known as free online dating sites. Both sites are gaining a good number of loyal followers as each caters to people’s unique dating needs. The presence of both sites, however, can pose some confusion especially for first time users. If you’re among these people, then this article would be a great help in determining which of the two would suit you better.

Free Online Dating Sites

If you have no idea how online dating works, then it would be better for you to sign up first with free online dating sites. Because these sites are free to use, you won’t lose, not even a single cent in trying to experience online dating. Most of free dating sites come with decent though too basic features: basic profiling and oftentimes limited number of photos. But for sites that won’t cost you anything, these are good enough. The only downside though of these free dating sites is their lack of safety features, attracting even scammers in the site.


*You don’t have to shell any amount

*Signing up is straightforward

*There are so many options to choose from


*Too basic features

*Personal information is not secured

*Presence of different marketing ploys

Premium/Paid Online Dating Sites

You get what you pay for – and that is certainly true including in the online dating industry. Free sites may be free of charge but oftentimes, users can’t make use the most of them because of their too limiting features. Thus, when one signs up for premium dating sites, they are given a certain level of ‘care’ not found among free dating sites. Aside from impressive dating features, these sites carefully assess each one who plans to sign up. Hence, these sites have the reputation of having a complicated signing up process. This, however, is a good thing as it assures users that they’re least likely to be scammed in these sites.


*Has safety features that protect you from scammers

*Great dating features


*It could sometimes be expensive

*Signing up can be a bit complicated

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