What Do Filipino Men Look For In A Woman?

You must be wondering, as any girl might, what do Filipino men look for in a woman. Filipinos are generally known to be conservative, but times have changed, and yes Filipino men have become quite liberated when it comes to relationships. The question is, how far can they go when choosing the one to love and to cherish for ever?

Filipino men may no be any different from any man from foreign loves. Most guys love to play around, and you can say that it is pretty much the same with Filipino men. They enjoy night outs, clubbing, and the company of alluring women. But it is a totally different thing when you’re talking along the marriage line, because Filipinos often go for a one-woman relationship that lasts a lifetime.

That said, the woman he will like to spend the rest of his life must possess patience and understanding.  But of course, it’s not to say that Filipino men are difficult to live with. These virtues are very essential to any relationship. But it cannot be denied either that circumstances arise at any point in the relationship that will cause tempers to easily flare up and lead to bigger problems, and it always helps a lot when you have a woman beside you to calm you down instead of instigate trouble.

A Filipino man does not want a nagger for a wife. A popular personality was once asked what kept his marriage last. Everybody knows that happily-ever-afters are a rarity in showbusiness, yet the man and his wife were able to keep their marriage strong. For what reason? Well, the woman allowed her husband to be who he was. She didn’t nag him about where he was, who he was with, what he was doing and what he was supposed to do. She didn’t bombard her husband with demands.

These days it’s not uncommon to find both parents working. Still, Filipino men would like their wives to be able to take care of the house nonetheless.  That means to say if you want to win the heart of a Filipino man, you have to a super woman who works full time in the office and at home. Well, of course, you may not do all the household chores, but you need to know how to supervise and delegate things so the house looks clean, the food is served, and the children are taken cared of properly.

You don’t have to be an excellent cook to win a man’s heart, although that is a huge plus if you can whip something that is both delicious and nutrition. Feed your man with good food and a lot of love.

It is not at all true that Filipino men go for the damsel-in-distress type of girls. Even if you are independent, smart, and witty, you can still find yourself into the heart of a Filipino man. The important thing is that you show each other mutual respect, and unwavering love, and you can face anything that  comes along and in between your relationship.

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