Free Online Dating Sites: The Ups and the Downs

You’ve realized that you’re ready for online dating. So you got up, opened your computer, and tried to look for online dating sites.

With the growing number of busy people who have less or no time at all to get into traditional dating, online dating sites are gaining a good number of loyal followers. These sites are not just for people who don’t have all the time in the world to get their hands into traditional dating but also for those who can’t seem to gather enough courage to face their 1st time dates personally.

The convenience brought about by these online dating sites has made them so popular that every year, more online dating sites have been launched to suit the different dating needs of users. With competition getting stiffer each year, some companies opted to offer their services for free. And that’s where free online dating sites come into play. Yes, they won’t cost you anything but before you take the plunge, it would be best to weight first the pros and the cons.


* They’re FREE These free online dating sites allow you to experience online dating without having to pay even a single cent. In fact, there are free dating sites out there that offer less restrictions and better site features.

*Signing up is a breeze Some premium or paid dating sites ask for hefty amounts because they carefully assess each member’s registration. As with free online dating sites, you can sign up within 5 minutes! That’s less hassle and more time to mingle.

* The choices are endless At least when it comes to prospects. This is based on a theoretical conclusion. Since one could easily create an account for no charge at all, more users are drawn into this kind of sites which would be an advantage especially when you’re looking for more options.


*Very limiting features You get what you pay for. These free online dating sites may be fun at first but eventually, you’ll find yourself craving for more features which are only found on premium/paid dating sites.

*Your privacy is not secured Joining free online dating sites comes with a risk. Because they don’t charge users, not even a single cent, they make themselves available to all. Yes, to all, including scammers. Thus, joining these sites is one way of giving yourself consent to be scammed.

*You exposed yourself to different marketing ploys The only way that these sites earn is through advertisements. When you join free online dating sites, you have to make yourself ready for the typical ad pop-ups and other marketing ploys. Unless you can stand that annoyance, your dating life would be so much better with premium dating sites.

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