Let Me Show You What Makes Philippines Ladies Unique

Filipina girls live according to the framework of the unique Filipino culture based on sturdy foundations and standards. They thrive in a culture that focuses mainly on the community with family as the primary unit of society. In comparison to its other Southeast Asian neighbors, Filipino women have always practiced their rights in terms of equality which make them sturdy and reliable individuals.

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What helps make Filipino women unique? Aside from the nurturing and caring mothers that they are for their kids, Filipino females play very vital roles in the running of the family like Dealing with the financial side of the household, taking care of household chores, acting as teachers and nurturing and instilling christian values on their kids. They also take on important decisions with regard to family matters. Though the Filipino spouse financially supplies for the family, it is the Filipina wife who happily ensures that the whole family is well taken cared of not because she feels it her duty but simply because of her unselfish dedication and love to her family.

Generally, Filipinas pride themselves in their status as housewives. They do not regard themselves inferior just because they work for and around their families. Being family-oriented, family and children are their main focus that accord them a feeling of duty and dignity while affording them a feeling of fulfillment in having a closely-knit family life.

Enjoying equal rights with their male counterparts, Filipino women of Today have ventured into politics, serving government offices as mayors, congressfemales, senators and even as presidents. They have verified their worth as tough opponents in the previously male dominated areas and have successfully carried out responsibilities at par with their male counterparts. They are also responsible for initiating female-oriented procedures and programs providing females more recognition and voice in the process.

What tends to make Filipino ladies unique? A famous Filipino painter describes ideal Filipino ladies’s magnificence as rounded face not oval, lively eyes not sleepy, not blunt noses but firm and powerfully outlined. They are not necessarily of the white skin complexion like the Westeners nor the dusky dark brown of the standard Malays but that of the fresh clearly-colored kind commonly characterized by blushing young women which make them solely different and unique from the rest.

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