What Filipino People Eat in The Philippines

If you want a relationship with a Filipina, you should know what Filipino people eat in the Philippines, and learn how to love these dishes. Well, it’s not as if you’ll have a hard time swallowing these down your throat. In fact, the Philippines is a country known for many things, and good food happens to be among them.

Filipinos are generally “rice” people, which means to say rice is a staple food in almost every Filipino household. Indeed, Filipinos eat rice three times a day; they eat rice for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner. Usually, rice is served plain, but rice fried in garlic and served with dried fish, fried egg, and tomatoes is a Filipino favorite.

If you are in the Philippines, or are intending to have a relationship with someone from the Philippines, you should learn to love to eat fish. Seldom can you find any gathering without any fish. Fish is almost never absent from any Filipino table.  Your doctor might have told you that fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, but he might have warned you not to eat fish on a daily basis because of the danger of contamination. It is not that Filipinos belittle the warning, but fish is something that is abundant in the Philippines, and is a lot cheaper than meat or chicken, too. There are hundreds of Filipino recipes involving fish, and you’re definitely going to love Fish Sinigang, Grilled Fish, Sweet and Sour Fish, Fish Fillet in all kinds of sauces, and so much more!

An island with thousands of small islands within, the Philippines boasts of a huge gallery of seafoods to tease your palate. There’s a wide array of seafood dishes out there, and there’s nothing better than eating them freshly cooked beside the seashore. Many restaurants are serving seafood dishes of every kind, but if you’ve never eaten seafoods before, it’s wise to start your lovely experience in an authentic beside-the-beach restaurant, no less!

Lechon manok or roasted chicken is one other thing Filipino people eat in the Philippines most of the time. This can be bought in street corners, in grocery stores and can be made at home. There have been many variations of lechon manok over the years, but many agree that the best kind is still the one that’s traditionally cooked and sold in street corners.

Come special occasions, like fiestas or birthdays, Filipinos indulge in the ultimate favorite – Lechon Baboy (Roasted Pork).

Don’t Filipinos ever eat vegetables or fruits? Of course they do! Let’s not forget, the Philippines has a very rich vegetation, so there’s an abundance of vegetables around, and there’s a range of dishes they can make out of these. Filipinos who have vegetable gardens at home no longer need to go to the market daily for their vegetable supplies. There’s a wealth of fruit trees that naturally grow in the Philippines (among them those fruit trees regarded to possess incredible health benefits, just like guyabano, mangosteen, and coconut), and yes, Filipinos are very well taking advantage of these, as well.

But what is just as important as knowing what Filipino people eat in the Philippines is embracing their rich and colorful heritage.

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