Chinese Girls Provide Beauty Unlike Many Others

Some of the most beautiful women in the world are Chinese girls. These women have lived in a culture that prizes delicate beauty. Throughout Asian history, the idea of the perfect beauty is having pale skin, long silky black hair, a delicate figure and small feet.

Asian girls prize their thin waiflike bodies and their delicate looks. The paler the skin the better so many Asian women will not come out during the day and if they do, they will walk around with a parasol that will help to shade their skin from the sun. Women have not been treated like equal citizens in the history of China.

It is well known that the birth of daughters is not prized in the culture of China and therefore; Asian women are at a disadvantage. Traditionally, when the women had grown up to a child bearing age, she would be given in marriage to a man and this entailed a bride price. The more beautiful she was, the higher the bride price would be. The bride price consisted of jewels, money or livestock and land. The women would move into her husband’s home and take on his name. The female child would have been trained from birth on how to be the perfect wife and mother to her husband’s family.

There are many traditional dances that stem from religious rituals that are performed by women today. One in particular is called the sleeve dance. It is a dance where the performer is wearing a traditional dress with extremely long sleeves. The dance requires strength in the arms of the dancer because it involves intricate manipulation of the sleeves to make it a true art.

It has wide and long sleeves. These sleeves must cover the hands of the wearer. In fact, there is a traditional dance that uses the sleeves called the sleeve dance. Of course the sleeves are much longer than normal, and it takes a lot of strength because they have to be manipulated.

Due to the practice of binding the feet of girls in order to make sure that the feet of a woman was small and dainty, women used to wear lotus shoes. These shoes are elaborately decorated by means of embroidery. It is a con or sheath shaped shoe that resembles the lotus bud.

They are made from either cotton or silk and are usually small enough to fit into the hand. These are made in bright colors and sometimes there are heels that are fitted to the back. These are no longer worn by women because foot binding was outlawed in the 1950s.

A perfect wife was soft, delicate and beautiful. She would remain silent if possible and demure and subjective at all times. She was the ultimate support to her husband and his family. If Chinese girls bore the family a son, they were then viewed as an asset to the family as well as her own family. The concept of equality had not been introduced to this society until later in the 20th century.

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