Find Out 4 Reasons Why Philippine Women Get Married With American Men

When east meets west there’s no stopping ladies in the Philippines to get hitched with American guys Regardless of the cultural differences. Some are rapid to say that it’s for cash and the green card but here are the real and honest to goodness 4 causes why Filipina girls marry American men.

American men are sweet.

The innate frankness of American men easily sweeps a lot of girls off their feet. since Filipino men are more reserved, the expressive American guy who naturally calls ladies as “Babe”, “Darling”, or “Honey” serves as a refreshing compliment. American men also say “I love you” and “You’re so gorgeous” a lot that Filipinas easily falls in love with them.

American men are generous.

The times are hard anywhere in the world but with the US dollars having a bigger value than the Philippine peso, American men tend to spend a lot for Filipina females. It can be construed as pure generosity. If a man is generous, Filipina ladies see the man as a good provider, which is an important personality they look for a husband.

American men are open-minded.

Filipino men are twice as conservative as Filipina women. Thus, Filipinas prefer to marry American men because they can find a bit more freedom with them as a wife. Being able to pursue a profession is an illustration of this freedom. Filipino men want their wife to only stay at home to take care of the kids unlike American husbands who support and inspire their wives to grow professionally.

American men give stunning and handsome offsprings.

Who wouldn’t want to have a blue-eyed baby boy or baby girl? Yes, Filipinas are crazy about blue eyes, tall nose, and fair skin. Of course, it would be their pride to give start to a beautiful or handsome son or princess who can be a potential local celebrity in the Philippines.

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