Who Are The Kindest Asian Women To Be Your Girl ?

When it comes to dating women from the Far East, who are the best Asian women to date? This is a very open ended and general topic but it all boils down to a matter of preference. There are usually stereotypes folks have of Asian women, like they are very submissive, obedient, etc. Truth be told, these stereotypes are fictional. There are Asian women who are stronger mentally and physically than their Asian male counterpart. The personalities of these Asian women vary widely depending on which nation they grew up in. Those who are raised in Developed countries such as the United States and Canada tend to be more the confident and independent type. Whilst those from countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, etc. are less so primarily due to the fact the culture still has hints of them being submissive.

So, once more, the question, “who are the best Asian women to date”, can not be replyed mainly because it depends on each person’s liking. For example, if you like Asian women who are fashionable, always well groomed, and caring and attentive to their partners’ needs then you’d want to date Japanese or Korean women. But if your choice is to date a Korean woman then you’ll risk a probability of her seems not being 100% genuine as many have had plastic surgery and use heavy make-up. The draw back to dating Japanese and Korean women is they tend to drink a lot.

Chinese women (India, Hong Kong, Taiwan) are more dominant, assertive and independent. In general, they are constantly looking for a partner who can satisfy them financially. Of course all women want a financially stable man but more so for Chinese women.

Filipino ladies are a mixture of all other Asian ethnicities. There are some who are very good to their partners Though other individuals wouldn’t hesitate to commit infidelity if an opportunity arise. But of course, there are girls not worth your time, like in any other country, not only in Asia. It all depends on the girl herself, so it is best for you to choose wisely. The draw back to dating a Filipino lady is they tend to let themselves forget how to be fashionable after they hit their 30-40s. But of course, if you prefer city girls then go for it. But girls from rural areas and the provinces are far more serious in their relationships, so it is all up to you.

As you can see, there is no “best Asian women to date” solution mainly because women no matter what their ethnicity is all have unique personalities. You’d just have to meet and decide yourself.

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