Best Wedding Venues: Different Options

When planning your wedding, you might already know which different wedding venues you may be most interested in. When making your choice remember that your venue will determine your feeling of the entire day.

Keep in mind both parts of your day; the ceremony and the reception. If you choose to have a church wedding then you will have to find two venues. Keep in mind the travelling time between the two.

However, if you are looking for civil wedding venues then you have a vast breadth of choice in locations that host both ceremonies and receptions. Make sure you find a venue with a marriage license. This does add to your cost but it will also save travelling time during the day.

The number of guests that you invite will also play a large part in deciding your venue. It is important that you check with any venue their capacity and ensure you have a fairly solid idea of the number of guests you anticipate.

Another important consideration to make is whether you were prefer your wedding reception to be a formal, seated affair, or would you prefer a standing, canap reception. Of course, a seated event will obviously take more room.

As your reception is a celebration of your union, your choice of entertainment will set the mood for the evening. Whatever your choice of entertainment, check with your chosen venue that they can meet your needs.

Wedding venues can be looked at in separate verticals:

Historic Reception Venues: This includes castles and stately homes and other sought-after locations. If your budget can accommodate this type of venue then you could easily create a fairy tale wedding.

Hotel Receptions: Hotels come is such a vast range of styles. There is something for all; traditional and contemporary. They also provide onsite accommodation for guests.

Marquees provide a feeling of real indulgence and mean that you are not confined by the rules of an external venue.

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