Butterfly Farm in Bohol, Philippines

When you think about a butterfly centre you might think it would be boring, but believe me this place was fantastic. A real surprise – you can visit a place called Flying Colours in Bohol in the Philippines.

This was my first ever visit to a butterfly centre, what was it like? To get in you pay 35 Philippine Pesos, less than 1 $US so that was fine. You get a guided tour a local lady shows you the caterpillars and butterflies and takes you round, she can also help you take photos.

Once you enter you first see the caterpillars – they are living in glass boxes eating away until they turn into cocoons. Some of the green caterpillars are quite big and you can hold them. Then there is a box with those in cocoons and finally they become butterflies and you can see the process happening live – after a couple of weeks suddenly that caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Quite amazing really. Photos are completely allowed and you can get snap happy!

We are then shown how big the largest moth is, and how large the biggest butterfly in The Philippines is. These are dead insects which have been preserved in a box. A few funny photo opportunities with butterfly wings follow…

The last section of your tour at the centre will be outside where you can see and hold lots of butterflies. Different colours are here too. This is a place worth seeing and the travelling lifestyle will make you enjoy it more.

What? A butterfly centre called Flying Colours

Where can I find it? In Bohol in the Philippines

Best way to reach it? You can hire a car or a bike if you want but basically just get a driver and a day tour of Bohol!

How much is it? 35 Pesos (Philippine)

Nationalities Met – Philippeno

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