Find Out How Does A Filipino Woman Value Education

Filipino women before, in the time of the Spaniards had competencies fit only for the house like caring for children, cleansing, grilling and other maternal things. They were docile and obedient to their husbands, fathers and other male statistics that may come in in between. But as time passed, the Filipina had learned that there is more to life than the house and now, the contemporary Filipina is competitive, empowered and can match the men at work.

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She knows that education is her primary weapon to compete with the male-dominated corporate world and with her parents’ blessing she studies with zeal, to attain her dream profession. She knows that having education is a big boon for her to make it in the society. For the Filipino lady doesn’t rely on men anymore, and she would like to be independent and able to stand on her own.

Filipino women often excel in class, getting high grades and awards because of her perseverance to be the best in any way she can be, so she studies hard, reviews each and every minute information, and expects results. She also knows that the society has a prejudice with people who have no education, and that the society wishes to see papers and diplomas for her to be accepted, so she strives hard and in fact achieves it.

The way Filipino women value their education would be as if their lives depend on it, as if it’s their only chance to avoid poverty and destitute living conditions. They are driven with function and would by no means give up until they reach their targets and live a successful life. Do not underestimate their intelligence, mainly because it’s one of their most charming capabilities, and you’ll find yourself indulging with her topics you’ll never ever even imagined of talking about, topics that will surely stimulate your mind and would make you fall for her even more.

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