Four Main Guidelines To Follow On How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

So, you’ve discovered that you can’t live without your girlfriend after all and you want her back. Don’t worry, you still have a chance to win her back. Even if you two had a messy break-up, your relationship can still be mended.

Although many couples get back together after a bad break-up, this does not mean that you and your girl will get back together. I just want to let you know that so you won’t get your hopes up while reading this article.

But there are certain things that you can do to swing the odds in your favor in getting her back. After doing some extensive research, I have discovered four main things to do in winning back an ex.

Acceptance Is A Good Thing

Accept the fact you are no longer a couple. This is what you must do first before making any attempts at a reconciliation.

I know this is a difficult step, especially if you are not over her and you still love and care for her.

However, as you know taking the first step is usually the most difficult but it is the most crucial. If you can’t accept the fact that she is your ex, The chances of winning her back will be that much harder.

By doing this, you will get a fresh perspective on things and not expect the relationship to be the way it was in the beginning.

For example, coming by her home and not calling first, if you used to meet her for lunch at her place of business, she may not be receptive to that anymore. You don’t want to do things that might alienate her more. You will have to give her some space.

What Was The Reason For The Break-Up?

Most men who have gone through a break-up don’t even know why their girlfriends wanted out of the relationship. Did you ask her why she doesn’t want to be with you anymore? Once you fully understand what went wrong with your relationship, you can begin to repair the damage.

If you were unfaithful to her, then you need to prove to her that you can be trusted again by getting rid of your little black book, deleting certain friends from your face book page, and getting rid of photos and questionable numbers in your cell phone.

If you have a problem with being faithful to your girlfriend, maybe she isn’t the right one for you. If you are truly in love with her, then you won’t want any other woman.

The Power Of Sincerity

If your attempts to get your ex back are insincere, your veiled actions will prove to be futile. It does not matter how many times you apologize or how many flowers you buy for her, it won’t mean anything, if it isn’t from the heart. Ask yourself this question and be honest, “Do you really want her back and why?”

If you miss being with her and really want to get back together, make sure you are doing so for legitimate reasons, such as she has sound morals; she’s honest, and faithful. Don’t get back together with her because she was a demon in the sack; she’s pretty; or she bought you a lot of nice things. The latter reasons are superficial and you cannot build a solid relationship on a superficial foundation.

If the break-up was your fault, tell her why it was your fault. Then explain to her you will work on your short-comings to make the relationship work.

It Takes Time

Relationship break-ups are the worst, especially when you still love and care for one another. Give yourselves some emotional healing time.

Time is the medicine the both of you need and spend some time apart to reflect on why you two could not make your relationship work.

Getting back together right after a bad break-up is not a good idea because it is likely you will make the same mistakes. This is how couples fall into the trap of an on-again off-again relationship!

If you do decide to reconcile, it will take some work to get past your differences. It will be a lot harder this time to make it work because you two have history together.

This is why time and space apart is so important. It will allow you to work on your short-comings so that when you two try again, there will be no break-ups.

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