How To Start A Conversation With A Woman You Like

Talking to women has to be one of the most dreaded topics among single men. Starting conversations with girls is especially curious for guys who are a little shy or self-conscious. Nevertheless, making contact with the opposite sex is a basic social exercise, and with a few tips, you can learn to execute it flawlessly. The very first thing you need to learn is how to read women, a big part of communication is non-verbal in nature and you must figure out the signs and act accordingly. If a woman reacts with one word responses, crosses her arms or steps back slightly, these are cues that she is just not in to you.

Your Opinions

Everyone has an opinion on just about everything, which is why it makes such a good opener. Your question should be coordinated with where you meet a woman, i.e…. supermarket, bar, bookstore or even on the street. For example, if you are in the clothing section you could ask her opinion on men in pink shirts. Not only is this a good icebreaker, it also gives you an opportunity to find out what her views on masculinity are.

Clever Openers

What if you could get women to approach you and start a conversation? It could be considered slightly sneaky but when you notice the girl you like coming close to your table lean over to a friend and make a scintillating comment, such as “Secretly, I think all women do it!” If she is remotely interested you have just given her the perfect opportunity to join in the conversation, after all she will want to know what you think all women are doing!

Missed Opportunity

Did another guy try to pick her up? You may see this type of thing frequently at the club or bar scene. Walk up immediately after and whistle softly then ask, “How did that guy do?” This gives her an opportunity to laugh a little at the situation and perhaps turn her eyes your direction. There are several approaches you can use along these lines, if at first you do not succeed, try, try again.

Irritate Her

You are going to find that this can be very hit and miss with most women. Present her with two very popular options and ask her to choose between them. This can be books, movies or even music. When she gives her response, simply shake your head and give her the impression she made a wrong choice. This may lead to her wanting to know why she struck out on the question and what your thoughts on the topic could be. Just be prepared for some possible shouting matches as this could backfire fairly easily too.


Perhaps you want to look into relationships with her, but in a non-threatening manner, you can ask her for advice on an issue that you can think of and gain some insight on her. For example, you can say two of your friends who have known each other for almost no time are getting married. You can ask her what she feels about it. As you listen to her, be sure to pick up on the things that she says. You not only validate her opinion, but you can agree with her on items and form a powerful bond.


If you apply these principles, you’ll be surprised how easy it can be to get a girl to love you. Basically, talking to women is an activity some men find terrifying, but it does not have to be. When you find yourself getting tongue tied, just remember she puts her pants on the same way you do, one leg at a time. When you succeed at breaking the ice, the next step is to keep the conversation rolling and this is done best by listening. If you pay attention to her animated speech, you will find leads to other conversation topics.

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