Importance Grooming For Men

Any man who wants to attract women cannot underestimate the importance of personal grooming. You should always put a high priority on personal grooming anyway, but if you want some chicks to notice you, then you definitely must not neglect your sense of personal hygiene!

Compliment your excellent grooming skills with a well thought out wardrobe and you will have a killer dating combination. Look, if you are struggling to find a date or constantly striking out with the ladies it may be time to take a look in the mirror, literally!

You have to evaluate how you look because women sure will! Ask yourself the following, all-important questions: Do you take a shower at least once a day? Do flakes of dandruff appear on the collar of your shirt? Do you remember to apply deodorant? How are your eyebrow and nasal hair? Do you even think about trimming them every so often? If you have never asked yourself these personal-grooming questions, then chances are pretty high that you likely look and smell a certain way that…leaves a lot to be desired.

Grooming Checklist

Sometimes it helps to have a grooming and hygiene checklist, this way you can feel confident in your appearance and your success with women should improve dramatically. Here are the main hygiene and grooming items you should make priority on a daily basis:

Wash hair / Shower daily / Brush your teeth and floss / Wash ears / Wear clean underwear / Apply cologne and deodorant daily- (non-offensive) / Pluck stray hairs from eyebrows and bridge of your nose / Wear fresh clothes / Clip your nails

How to dress well

Being smartly dressed and proper grooming go hand in hand, so you should do them simultaneously. When it comes to clothing, wear items that fit your body, nothing baggy and especially not pants that fall to the back of your knees exposing your underwear to the world. If you are not in shape, you may be tempted to wear loose fitting clothes to disguise this fact. Unfortunately, this usually makes matters worse. Clothing that fits you well with appear flattering. It should go without saying that your clothes should match, no plaids and stripes combinations for instance. A few accessories to round out the look and you are ready to go! Keep necklaces, bracelets and watches low key however, women notice these things and you do not want to look garish. One last note, try to match your wardrobe to your personality.


For more on the subject, visit this website with dating advice. Basically, lots of men don’t pay that much attention to their hair, which is a pity since a great hairstyle can score you big points with the ladies. Know this: Even if you don’t pay much attention to your hair, women sure will if you have a unique hairstyle. Hair is symbolic of many things: power, wealth, confidence, etc. Thus, don’t ignore your hair, and make an appointment with a stylist to explore a fashionable, new hairstyle for you. It sure is worth the extra expense in the extra attention from women it will garner you.

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