Increase Your Masculinity – Here’s How

In this day and age that is very much feminized, it is not surprising to discover that many men have absolutely no idea how to really be masculine. For some men, only looking masculine is the definition of being masculine, yet it has just as much to do with your actions and attitude as it does looks. To find a girlfriend may be easier when you master improving your masculinity in all three areas. You will have an easier time attracting the ladies than ever before!


What do women look for in a man? The list is long and can be somewhat confusing, but decisiveness is usually at the top. A man who is not scared to take the lead and make tough decisions is very desirable. This does not mean women want a dictator in their life, just a guy who can boldly walk through life. Making decisions can be tough, whether you are a man or a woman, particularly if you have faced hardship in the past due to poor choices. However, do not give into the temptation to put off decisions, procrastinators never find themselves in a position of power. If you have not already guessed, women find men in power to be quite masculine.

Be more Self-Reliant

Where are you on the self-reliance scale? Men who are masculine and dominant are generally very self-reliant. If you are unsure consider the following statement: Do you allow others to dictate where you will go on a date, what to do for the weekend or permit others to be accountable for things you should be accountable for? These are all markers that you lack self-reliance.

If you fail to be self-reliant, you will always fail to satisfy a woman’s fundamental need to feel safe. To combat this problem, create a list in all of the situations in your life where you are handing over accountability to other people in areas that you should be managing yourself. This list will empower you to pick out areas in your life that offer you the chance to take control and, thus, become manlier.


It may sound cliche, but honesty truly is the best policy. This goes much deeper than always answering questions honestly as well; you have to make your actions match your words. It does not take long to destroy your credibility by acting masculine but failing to back it up!

For more on the subject, visit this website with shyness advice. Basically, for instance if you state that you are going to do something, make sure you actually go through with it. If you are not willing or able to follow through with a commitment, never agree to it in the first place. This rule applies whether the commitment is small or large. When you give a specific time you will be somewhere, move heaven and earth to do so. Same goes for returning phone calls, emails and letters. This lets people know they can count on you, especially women which means you get more respect and will be taken seriously.

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