Men, Here is How To Get Out of The Friend Zone

How does one describe the friend zone? Some would describe it as an inhospitable place only rivaled by the Sahara Desert or Dante’s ninth circle of hell! What is it actually? This is the place in the male and female relationship where one party desires a more intimate relationship and the other simply prefers to be friends. This is generally thought of as something women do to men, but it has been known to work in reverse. The only thing worse than winding up in the friend zone , is the fact that it is nearly impossible to leave!

Romantic Ideas

How many movies or books have there been that depict the female heroine finally waking up to the fact that her soul mate had been in front of her all along? This may make good television but as with many things Hollywood, real life plays out much differently most of the time. If you have been friends with a woman for an extended period of time and the relationship has not moved forward, you have been friend zoned!

Sure There Are Exceptions

So, are there some exceptions? The basic answer is, yes. After all, the world of entertainment wouldn’t be able to make money off the hope. However, that woman in your life needs to decide that she wants to be more than friends. This of course means you are going to need to put some effort into the process and discover you are the one. That will take a little effort.

First, start working on becoming the best person you can. Improve your education, hit the gym, do all you can to improve you.

Stop being at her beck and call. If you are always available day and night she will take you for granted.

Date other girls. Women are attracted to men are attractive to other women… as weird as that sounds it is true.

Eventually after doing all this, you may need to tell her how you feel. Otherwise, she might leave you in the zone.

Avoid the Friend Zone

What we should be discussing here is how to avoid entering the penalty box of dating in the first place. Since the walls are high and escape is unlikely, you will be better served by never entering the friend only circle. How do you do that? For starters you are going to have to stand out in the crowd, and this does not just mean physically.

In addition to this, you need to understand how beautiful women work. Not only are they going to be the center of attention, but they are typically showered in gifts. This means you need to not hang on every word they say and don’t only focus on impressing her. Instead, be willing to disagree with her when needed and avoid making mistakes that have you looked at as being just a friend. Women want to be challenged and to know if needed, a guy will step in and protect her.


Apply this advice and you’ll no longer need ask yourself how to get a girl to want you. Basically, you are going to find that it can be a battle just to get out of the friend zone and it will take all you have to do it. Instead, focus on never ending up in the friend zone to begin with. This can be done by being friendly and confident with them, but also being a man. Women don’t like men who can be manipulated or pushed around, so you need to ensure that you are doing all you can to protect them. Finally, be sure that you continue to show your true intentions early on, to let her know you want a relationship. By doing this, you are open for a degree of rejection, but it will help you to avoid being placed in the friend zone.

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