Some Reasons Why Women Reject Men and What You Can Learn From Them

In our lives, we all experience some kind of rejection. This can happen in our professional or personal lives and may cause low self esteem issues. While there is never a time when rejection will feel good, nothing has quite the same depth of pain as being rejected by a woman we are interested in. With that in mind, have you ever wondered why some women reject men?

Despite the desire to write a woman off as a man hater, or a gold digger, there may be other reasons she has rejected you. While there are women out there who will see a man and place a price tag on him, many women have other things they place far more importance on.

Would you be shocked to find out that your appearance can be a big part of the problem? In some cases, a woman will take one look and make a decision. Does this mean you always need to be dressed to the nines? No, but you do want to make sure you keep up with every day personal hygiene as well as keeping up your appearance.

It should be understood that a woman who is in a relationship will reject your advances. Even if she is out at the club with friends, a taken woman is generally not seeking someone, and will politely reject your advances. If you see a woman out with another man in a social setting, it is a safe bet she is taken and you will face rejection if you hit on her.

Men who come on strong from the start experience a lot of rejection from women they approach. There are a few women out there who are into the bad boy persona, but most are just uncomfortable with uninvited touching and strong come ons. In a case like, this most will be searching for the first opportunity to hit the door! To avoid this problem, especially when you first meet, give her a respectable amount of space and let her tell you when she is ready for hugs or more intimate contact.

Social gatherings are a great place to meet women and it is also a place where guys tend to hassle single women. Needless to say, this can result in a woman who is constantly on her guard. So, if you should happen to notice a nice looking woman who just managed to get away from a guy who was hassling her, it is a safe bet she does not want to deal with another strange man. If you are unsure keep an eye on her body language, if she appears apprehensive to conversation give her some space.

The main thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that many women may have just gone through a particularly difficult breakup. When she needs a little time away from the dating scene, you have to respect that fact. When things calm down in her life, there is a good chance she will remember you, particularly the way you were friendly and willing to wait.

Following these tips makes it easy to get girls to like you. Basically, these are just a few of the reasons women reject men, not an exhaustive list by any means. When you are talking to women, keep these things in mind. Take the time to make some positive changes in your life, those things that make you more desirable to women.

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