The Social And Family Values Of Philippines Girls

Philippines girls are also known as Filipinas. Most are well educated and strive to obtain a college degree. From a young age, their parents encourage them to be conscientious about their school work. It is very interesting to know that, in the Philippines, more females attend university than males.

This is the only Far East nation where Christianity is the mainstream religion. More than 80 percent of the people are Roman Catholic. Strong religious doctrines are taught to children and they are taken to church when they are very young. It is compulsory for Filipinas to be married in a Christian church.

Many people mistakenly think that Filipino women are submissive. While this is not true, it may seem this way on the surface because most are non-confrontational, patient, and understanding. Girls are raised to be lady-like, refined and to always communicate with others politely in a gentle tone of voice.

Equally untrue is the myth that Philippines women think they are inferior to men. As mentioned earlier, numerous women have graduated from university and have successful business careers. Furthermore, they do not feel bad if they earn a higher salary than a husband. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that a wife will put all her husband’s needs and wishes first. Nevertheless, they are loving, caring, faithful and loyal wives.

The Philippines does not have any divorce laws because the sanctity of marriage is held in the highest regard. Because of this, a wife will do everything in her power to keep her marriage stable. She will be happy to forsake her career to do this.

Due to the fact that Filipinas are raised to be faithful and honest, a wife will stand by her husband even in the hardest of times. But, if she is a victim of an abusive or violent husband, she will most certainly do all she can to have the marriage annulled. However, this would be the last resort.

Philippines girls grow up to be good home-keepers and wonderful mothers. They are dedicated to teaching their children the same core values that they learnt as youngsters. You will find a Filipina’s home tidy and clean with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Many are attracted to older men when looking for a husband because they offer financial security, are more mature, and unlikely to have an affair. In 40 percent of marriages, husbands are 10 years older than their wives.

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