There is a Right Way to Compliment Girls Here’s How

Giving a girl a compliment is one surefire way that you can make a girl feel good about herself. Since even attractive gals don’t have limitless confidence, it is quite important to remind women of their flattering qualities. There is a right way on how to give a girl a compliment.

Are you forgetting to compliment her?

Rejection is a common fear among people, and too many guys believe compliments inevitably lead to crushing disappointment. Instead of complimenting girls and moving the relationship forward, they play games and act like they are not interested. Incidentally, this is not advisable. There is no way a proper compliment can make matters worse with the woman you are interested in. In fact, the opposite is generally true, appropriate compliments to girls equal a show of power and masculinity.

No Return on Investment

First, let’s look at your motivation for complimenting girls. The self-confident individuals among you will give a compliment for no promised reciprocity. In other words, you do not muddy the waters by expecting something in return for your compliment, not sex, dates or even attention. You will seem a lot more powerful if you can give a compliment to a woman with no strings attached.

The Best You

A key to properly complimenting a woman is being yourself. You never want to offer an insincere compliment to girls, because they can tell every single time! Pick up any pick up artists self-help manual and you will find strict instructions about compliments. You never want to overdo it, as you will come across as disingenuous.

Turn Her On

Do you want to really turn her on? Every woman wants to feel desired and it is a huge turn on. What does this mean for you? Demonstrate your desire for a girl with a genuine compliment and you will instantly increase her sense of attraction to you. This will also motivate her to put more energy into the relationship. Remember, there is not a woman alive who does not want to hear how beautiful or attractive she is.

Proper Compliments

The best compliments mustn’t be overly clever. So if you are not in the habit of giving compliments, just stick to something that is very basic and straightforward. For example, tell her that she looks great. It is also advisable to make your compliment about the girl, such as how she makes you feel and how attractive she is.

Guaranteeing compliments get appreciated

One word of caution, you should never go overboard. Every time you meet with her, keep your praise and compliments to one or two. At the same time, remember compliments should not come hard and fast, some compliments must be earned.

Apply these principles and you can stop wondering how to get a girl to notice you. Basically, you’ll never go wrong with offering sincere compliments to girls since even attractive ones will enjoy a compliment. No woman has perfect confidence either, another reason why giving compliments to girls is the way to go. Thus, be sure to get into the habit of communicating compliments to girls, and you will see how your luck with the ladies improves.

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