What Is Speed Dating All About?

Popularized in film, at least somewhat, speed dating is a process by which singles get the opportunity to meet several of the opposite sex in a matter of an hour or so. While not always portrayed in a favorable light there is some evidence that this type of meet and greet can be very conducive to long term dating. So, what is speed dating all about and how does it work?


In most cases, the speed dating event will be set up to meet the needs of the organizer. While there will be some similarities among them, the general tone will come from what the coordinator thinks will be best. They will be setup like: Guys will be placed in seats for two, across from a chair. Each woman will come and occupy that chair. A conversation will be had for a specific period of time that can range from 3 -8 minutes. A sound signal will be used for rotations. Then a new woman will enter the chair and the process begins again. When the event has ended, both sides will turn in a card they are keeping score on. In the case of a match, both sides will be notified with the other person’s information in a few days.

First Impressions

The concept of speed dating is one that has been around since 1998. It was at this time, that Jewish singles would meet to help them find someone they could marry. Over time, the process has increased in popularity and even non-secular participants are taking advantage of the process. Because of the popularity, there have even been studies done on the process. What is commonly found is that most people make their first impression within the first 30 seconds of meeting.


Some people, guys especially, are under the impression that this type of dating is for losers who cannot get a date the “old fashioned” way. Let’s be serious for a minute, is there any semblance of old fashioned still left in the dating world? After all online dating is taking the world by storm and the dating rules of etiquette are quickly evolving. Besides, when is the last time you met and talked to 8-10 single people in one night at the club? Are you shy or uncomfortable around the opposite sex? Don’t count speed dating events out just yet; instead look at them as an opportunity to come out of your shell a bit. What is the number one reason men or women for that matter are shy around each other? Fear of rejection, of course! When you attend dating functions such as this you do not have to deal with in your face rejection, either receiving it or handing it out. Your time at an event is focused on making a good impression in a small amount of time, and if the other party doesn’t choose you it’s not nearly as embarrassing or painful.


Follow these tips and you can stop wondering how to get a girl to want you. Basically, overall, the speed dating process is a great option. Not only will you have a chance to meet the opposite sex, but you can also begin to see who you are compatible with. In the modern world of dating, you are going to find that most people are too busy to spend hours on extensive first dates. Since the traditional dating approach is gone, you can now go through and meet several people at one time and begin to explore others who may be interested in you. In some cases, you may even be surprised by who you meet. Just be sure that you are staying honest and sincere, while looking your best. When possible, try to have your positive traits shine in a short period of time.

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