What To Do When You Bump Into Your Ex

You’re at the mall and you accidentally see your ex together with his friends, what can you do? Pretend that you really didn’t see him or be more casual and say “hi”? If you’re trap in this kind of situation your initial reaction would be to hide and think what you should do in front of him particularly should you still adore him. When you are in this situation the greatest thing that you should do would be to face your ex without any hesitation. Do not let him notice that you still have feelings on him or you’re awkward with you meeting him. Also, make sure which you won’t do anything that will make him realized that you nevertheless love him.

Keeping Things Casual

Meeting your ex after a number of years or months following you broke up can really be awkward but you are able to usually surpass this by just being yourself. You can begin by giving him a sweet smile and when he smiles back that will probably be the time that you say hi to him. You can talk about points that happened in past days but in no way bring back what happened why you separated.

This way it would give you the chance to become friends once again. Actually, saying hi for your ex, isn’t truly a difficult point to complete particularly if you currently moved on. However, if you are the cause why you broke up that’s already a various scenario to handle. If the breakup is just fresh for the both of you and the reason why you separated isn’t truly great perhaps the very first point which you should when you meet is to smile at him and be casual.

Be Cool and Collected

Saying “hi” for your ex could be a great begin of a new beginning of friendship. You’ll in no way know how it would end maybe you will become more than just buddies and realized which you are truly meant to be together. It’s not a bad idea to say “hi” for your ex actually it’s the bravest point to do for couples who are no longer committed to every other. Forget the past and also the cause of the breakup for you to move on to ensure that in case you finally meet every other once again you no longer need to feel pain.

It’s A Date

If you haven’t had a good conversation to close everything that you had within the past meeting him will be a good move. Set a date with him to ensure that both of you can move on and forget the things that happened. This way you are giving yourself the opportunity to clear things and patch it up. Don’t hesitate to say “hi” it’ll help you to overcome the guilt or pain which you felt. Face him with confidence and in no way let him notice that you are nevertheless in adore with him, show him that you have moved on particularly if he has hurt you deeply. Do not be afraid to say “hi” it’ll make you really feel much better.

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