Where To Meet Women – Best Places To Meet Women

Was there ever a time when the bar or club was a good place to meet members of the opposite sex? Perhaps in the 1970’s but current research is finding that very few women are “hooking up” with men they meet at the club. The reasons for this are many, but suffice it to say men are going to have to dig a little deeper to find the girl of their dreams! Which brings us to the point, where are the good places to meet women?

Networking for Relationships – One of the most joked about social activities of all time has to be the blind date or set ups by friends. Would you be surprised to learn that you are 200% more likely to meet a woman you can date through your social network? The only problem with this scenario, particularly for guys, is a shrinking social network. Since 1985, close personal circles have actually shrunk by nearly a third, contrary to popular belief.

Therefore, the best way to meet women is to instead focus on meeting people, and these do not have to become close interpersonal friends say researchers. In fact if you are part of a too tightly knit group you are going to have serious issues meeting new women, after all you already know them all! Work on creating some new casual links and by extension you may just find the girl of your dreams.

Personal Interests – Do you consistently put yourself out there to meet women and tend to meet all the wrong types? It could be you have forgotten a very crucial thing, what are you interested in? Instead of spending a lot of time trying to meet women, dating and then discovering you have nothing whatsoever in common, turn this process on its head.

Start by looking at the things that interest you. Are you an avid outdoors type? You probably will want to avoid the library as hunting grounds for Ms. Right! Get outdoors more and join some groups that play to your passions and interests. Do you hike, bike or kayak? Do so more often! Perhaps you are more of a gun enthusiast, find a local range or enter some shooting competitions.

Whatever your passion is, by doing it more or learning more, (foreign language class for the world traveler) you put yourself in the position to meet women with similar interests. Other ideas could include, going to the museum, attending a wine tasting, take dancing lessons or even Yoga class.

Limiting Yourself – Are you waiting for the weekend to meet women? This severely limits your options and you may be missing out on some fantastic ladies. Ask yourself where women are during the week? Chances are they are not parked in front of the television! Many women enjoy shopping, hobbies and attending social events during the week. Every day of the week, these activities provide a place to meet nice single ladies.

Conclusion – Dating is harder than it used to be as people are waiting longer to get married and focus much more on their life goals rather than relationships during their 20’s.

For detailed info, check out this site for dating tips for shy guys. Basically, are you a guy who spends more Saturday’s alone than you would like to admit? It is time to rethink what you know about dating! Did you know just shaking up your routine could bring a love interest your way? Do you always go to the same restaurant or bank? Go across town or even the next town over to add a little variety, you never know whom you might meet.

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