Lancome With Their Remarkable Poeme Perfume

The Lancome brand has been producing perfumes for women since 1935, when they released their first five scents. Since then the brand has expanded to include many other beauty products for women. These products include makeup and various skin care accessories such as moisturizers. Over the years of evolution within the company they have managed to stay true to their roots, and continue to produce wonderful scents to complement women, including their Poeme perfume.

The first perfumes launched by Lancome were the Tendre Nuit, Bocages, Conquete, Kypre and Tropiques. Since then they have produced many different ones which continue to astound women all over the world. Out of these several stand out the most. There Aroma and Climat lines have been very popular through out the years. The Hypnose line is very popular with men and women.

Since its launch in 1995, the Poeme perfume has become a classic fragrance among its users. It was created by the renowned French perfumer Jacques Cavallier, who has created scents for many great brands. It has an aroma that is both sweet and bitter, and very difficult to place. The floral fragrance only gets better over time.

One of the first things you will smell in the mixture is the unique aroma of the Himalayan blue poppy. This is a popular top note for perfumes that has been quite liked among perfumers for many years. The fragrance adds a very flowery base to the scent and gives it something intoxicating that continues to please people to world over.

The middle notes bring out even more flowery fragrances with an array of different white and yellow flowers such as mimose, orange blossom, and jasmine. These add to the collective over all floral essence of the composition. These flower help to bring out the top notes and create the over all floral pallet of the fragrance.

The final notes are vanilla, amber and cedar. These give the scent a slightly spicy aroma that has an appealing reaction with all the floral notes. This is a beautiful conclusion to one of the best fragrances produced by one of the best manufacturers in the industry. The end results of these wonderful ingredients is a fragrance that is unique and timeless.

Starting at sixty dollars and reaching around one hundred and forty, the Poeme perfume price is certainly not cheap. But for the quality the price is well worth it. The sizes available start at thirty milliliters and go up to one hundred. The read more about Poeme perfume go here.

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