Move To A Deeper Level of Conversation When Talking To A Girl You Like

Don’t you hate having conversations which are all alike? Well, women hate that too. No one wants to hear the same questions over and over, so if you can make yourself stand out, it’s a lot easier to get someone’s attention and start building attraction. So, how to talk to a girl you like?. Women are often approached by men and asked more or less the same questions every time; the result is a series of dull conversations which lead nowhere.

Nix the Questions

How do these initial interactions usually play out? More like an interrogation than polite conversation! Instead of bombarding her with a ton of questions, make a few statements. In the end, you will still obtain the same information but at the same time, you will make an impression on her. Even making a wrong statement will open up the conversation as she corrects you and makes way for a more intimate conversation. On the off chance, you are right you will impress her and instantly build rapport.

Dig a Little Deeper

As a rule, men do not find talking about goals, insecurities or emotions very easy to do, particularly with a woman they have just met and would like to make an impression upon. However, if you want to move the conversation to a deeper level it is imperative that you open up a bit. Connecting on an emotional level is a great way to build rapport and create attraction. You may feel more comfortable with any topic other than your emotions and you were probably raised to avoid vulnerability with women under any circumstances but making this change could vastly improve your love life!

Contrary to popular belief women tend to find vulnerability endearing. You see, they will more readily admit how difficult it can be to dig into these deeper emotions and realize it is actually a mark of strength. Opening up to a woman (within reason) will give you a better chance of connecting with her and keeping a conversation going strong.

Build Trust and Rapport

Follow these pointers and it’ll be easy to get a girl to like you. Basically, now that you understand the importance of using a different approach with women, you may be curious about how this works in real life. Start with either the best or worst thing that has ever happened to you. This could be something recent or even events from childhood. Of course, in some situations this is just a little too much information for an initial meeting! If you are not comfortable delving into your childhood or painful events open up with something you are passionate about. As you share these intimate ideas with her, you build rapport and trust which can lead to her opening up similarly. Hold up your end of the conversation and take the time to listen carefully to her, you never know where this chance encounter could lead.

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