Seasonal Birthday Gifts for Your Boyfriend

It hasn’t been long since my last article outlining various ways you can choose a great birthday gift for your boyfriend. The techniques we’ve discussed are varied – and have been focused on delving into his psychology to understand what to buy him. Today will be different. Let’s look at the season of his birth to find out if the perfect gift may be sitting under your nose.

If you think back over the last year, you’ll realize that your wants have changed quite a bit. What you probably haven’t realized is that they are often very strongly correlated with your surroundings. Buying the appropriate clothing for the current season is an easy example – but there are many more. Let’s get started.

Spring: Believe it or not, New Years isn’t the most popular time for people to get into exercising – it’s Spring. When the snow melts (or, if you’re lucky enough to live in a place that doesn’t experience that, when the sun gets stronger), the running shoes come out and the sweating begins. I mean, he’s got to get that beach bod ready for summer, right? Buy him some workout clothes, some at-home equipment, or even a gym membership. You’ll both appreciate it.

Next comes summer. For me, one thing has always defined summer – and that’s music festivals. All over the country, thousands of people are gathering every week to see incredible line-ups of their favorite bands perform live. Instead of going to one concert, you see dozens of them. And if you’ve never experienced it (and it is an experience) what better way than together.

Fall: Here’s a no-brainer: October is the only month of the year that every major sports league is underway. If he’s a baseball fan, some World Series memorabilia is the perfect seasonal gift. If he’s a football, hockey, or basketball fan, all three seasons are just getting underway. Sounds like the perfect time to buy him that jersey of his favorite team’s new player.

Last but not least comes winter. If you live in a snowy climate like me, there’s only one thing going through your head from November to March – where is the sun!? Take him on a trip to somewhere warm and make memories along the way. I’m sure you won’t mind a couple days of sun either, right?

To learn my secrets to buying the perfect present, check out my blog: great gift ideas or read my top ten birthday presents for boyfriends article.. Unique version for reprint here: Seasonal Birthday Gifts for Your Boyfriend.

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