The Inevitable Awkward Pause – Know How To Keep The Conversation Flowing

There are few things which are more thrilling than when you’re first meeting someone you’re interested in, you’re having a lively conversation and you feel like you’re really hitting it off and establishing a connection – until the inevitable awkward pause. You can feel all of the momentum you’ve built up until this moment starting to slip away. Worst of all is that the harder you frantically try keeping a conversation going , the more likely you are to say something awkward which practically ensures more uncomfortable silence.

The truth of the matter is that everyone will have a moment awkward when they are talking with another person. Instead of beating yourself up over this moment, you can use the following techniques to keep the conversation going and this could help to avoid having those moments of silence that you are dreading.


If you aren’t sure where to begin, try doing something as simple as saying the last few words she just said. This gives you the chance to think a bit longer about what she just said to you and that you can potentially have them elaborate. For her, this looks like you are an attentive listener and if she continues on the topic, you have more time to think about what you can say. Just maintain focus during the conversation and keep eye contact and soon, she will find that you are excellent at holding a conversation and you can learn more about her than you ever dreamed was possible.

Follow Up Questions

One of the best ways to keep a conversation alive is to ask follow up questions which are relevant to what she’s talking about. For example, why does she like or dislike what she’s talking about? Her answers could open up opportunities for further discussion.

Avoid One Word Answers

Especially for shy guys, one word answers can be tempting. However, they should be avoided at all costs. Instead, provide detailed answers which invite further conversation. The same goes for any short answers. For instance, if someone asks you where you’re from, don’t just say “Boston”; elaborate on your answer in a way which tells her something about you.

Avoid The Tempting “Me Too”

There is nothing wrong with agreeing with someone. But instead of a simple agreement, try to be more open about your feelings. You might offer some additional insight she agrees with or you might give her a new way of looking at something.

If Nothing Works

Follow these pointers and it’ll be easy to get a girl in bed. Basically, if none of the above works and an awkward pause ensues, you may be able to turn things around by making the silence itself the topic. It’s not guaranteed to work, but asking her what it is that makes silence so uncomfortable in social situations could lead to an answer which says a lot about her and gives you a valuable opportunity to pick the conversation back up and keep moving ahead.

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