Dating Advice For You Women

Dating someone for a while is the foundation to starting a committed relationship and if you want to have a successful relationship, then you should know what to do and what not to do when it comes to dating. You don’t want to automatically ruin what your trying to build with this person my insulting them or mentioning how your ex does something you’d like them to do, AWKWARD!!. Dating can be pretty tricky so here is some helpful date advice. (Image by Brandon Christopher Warren via Flickr)

What to do while dating:

Be welcoming and charming. Don’t scare your date off by looking harsh and as if you do not want to be there. Show you are interest and are enjoying your date if you truly are. Do not fake enjoyment though. You basically have to show your date that you are a great catch that he should be interested in getting to know further.

Dating is getting to know one another so you can see if things can grow into something more. So while out on your date engage in conversation and share things about yourself while learning new things about this person you are out on a date with.

Guys cannot stand a girl that is too chatty and catty. It is an automatic turn-off. Another turn-off is a girl who nags. Remember that guys like a girl who can make meaningful contributions to the conversation and not just talk about other people.

Do not go for the most revealing dress in your closet. Don’t show all your goods. Give the guy something to imagine and look forward to in the future if you guys continue to date and want to grow into something more.

Don’t drink too much. Two drink maximum, ladies! Anymore, and you may become sloppy. A turn-on is someone who can hold her own and still carry on a conversation without relying on liquid courage.

You guys only had one date so do not go crazy after the date and start massively texting him and making it as if you guys are already in a relationship. Just casually text to and don’t seem needy.

No one likes to feel like they have competition around so do not talk about your ex or any guy you may be into to this new guy. This will only make him step back and feel like you are into that person you are talking about still.

…Information provided from Top 10 Dating Dos and Don’ts

These tips should help you snag the guy you like and get into something serious or if you don’t like a guy you can do exactly what these tips are telling you not to do to scare them away. Just kidding, in that case you should let them know as soon as possible you’re not into them.

Everyone wants their dating experience to go great, so women we are by your side with the top 10 dating tips to help you get your guy

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