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You’ve gotten a good dose of advice on dating so you know what you want and expect out of someone you are dating or in a relationship with. You also have to know how to maintain a serious relationship, so here are some tips on making your relationship last.

You’re in a relationship and you just don’t fee; that spark or bond that you guys use to have anymore, well here are five tips that will get all of that back and have you guys happier than can be with each other:

1. In a relationship you have to be open and talk about anything. When mad speak about it because holding it in is not going to help any. (Image by tonyboytran via Flickr)

2. Find happiness. when you’re mad more than likely your partner is going to feel the same way because of how you may treat them. Being positive makes things better.

3. Commitment can come in the form of doing task together such as even doing the dishes together. So try to get task done together.

4. Mix it up. Of course you love your one-on-one time with one another, but including friends and family in your activities can actually help you out as a couple in a very serious relationship. It shows you’re interested in the people your partner cares about and gives them the opportunity to get to know your crew as well.

5. Support your partner with all that they do because I am pretty sure you would want them to support you and whatever goals it is that you have and plan on achieving. Also let your partner know you are into them, they don’t know that unless you tell them.

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If your relationship is important to you, you will take this advice and try it out. It wouldn’t hurt to try at least. Your partner isn’t your enemy, and if they were you’d know, so keep things between you two close and build together rather than building apart.

Your relationship is not what it use to be currently and you want that flame back, well here is some advice about relationships by Sienna Nalin on getting back on path to a serious relationship

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