Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

The day suddenly goes exciting when you have decided to propose to your partner. Many ideas will come to your mind but surely you will pick the one that’s guaranteed to surprise and make her cry. Everything becomes perfect with that precious ring you’ve bought after some things that you have considered. Buying an engagement ring could be one of the hardest tasks that you can place on your hands. It necessary for you to know the ways on how you can pick the best ring so that you can get that big yes you have been waiting to hear.

Plan, Study and Investigate

Before storming into a jewelry store, it is necessary for you to know exactly what you are looking for. You have plenty of time on researching and planning since this is going to be a big surprise. Study and make a research about engagement rings and what kind of style would be best for your upcoming spouse. You can also consider about what she exactly wants and there are a lot of ways on how you can figure it out. Ask her friends to make her pick what she really wants or think of questions that you can ask to make it come from her own mouth without giving her a hint about your plans.

Make a study about different types and styles for an engagement ring. Know the terms and what needs to be checked when it comes to purchasing one. Band, setting, carat, and gemstone are some of the important terms that you should be aware of before stepping inside a store. You also have to prepare a considerable amount of money as engagement rings could be very expensive. Some are saying that a ring for an engagement should cost two month of a man’s salary. It is up to you whether you will follow this but the important thing here is you know how to pick the best ring for your partner.

The Ring Checking

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary information, go to a reputable jeweler or shop. You can go to a high-end shop if you can afford but this is not necessary. Now that you have stepped inside the shop, check out on their rings and ask for assistance. Get someone to describe the rings and ask them for good advice. You may be asked to choose the band, setting and the gemstone for the ring. The most popular bands are in the colors of white gold, yellow gold and platinum. When it comes to the setting, you will have to consider the daily activities of your partner.

Gemstones or sometimes being called as rock is the next thing to judge. The usual choice of a girl would be diamonds but it would be safer to consider your partner’s pick than to assume. If diamond is the final decision, and you are now in store to look for it, you should be aware of the 4C – color, carat, clarity and cut. These characteristics define a perfect diamond and might affect its price as well. The fifth C would become the cost and if you don’t have the budget to buy a three carat one, you can settle for one or a half carat. Aside from real diamond you can choose between cubic zirconia and lab diamonds. Check the whole things durability and appearance on your girlfriend’s finger. Once everything has been set, get ready for that killer proposal.

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