Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup – Where to Locate It?

Just a few days back I was responding to questions in a popular answers site. Sometimes when I’m chilling having a cup of tea I venture onto one or other of the answers sites to ascertain if I could help someone with their computer problems.

At the top of the listing of recent questions was somebody asking why they’d to pay to reverse look up a cell phone number. It was a sensible question simply because you would not anticipate to pay to locate who owns a landline number. You’d just go to the white pages web site and there’s a lookup box there on the front page.

Why isn’t there a similar facility for looking up a mobile phone number? That set me thinking. Why isn’t there such a thing as a free mobile phone lookup?

If you own a landline there are a few stuff that allow the phone businesses to gather a listing of the owner of which number and just what your own address is. Firstly, a landline is fixed. The telephone company know where the phone line plus they are aware of the address it is fitted to. Next you are, efficiently, under contract to the mobile phone provider. You have to pay your bills regularly. This only means that the phone firm knows who you are as the number is listed within the bill payer’s name. These two things make it simple for the phone firms to provide a list of the owner of which number.

If you consider it, you’ll realize that it’s not very easy for mobile phones. You can buy a prepaid cell phone on the internet. You can purchase a prepaid cell phone in the supermarket with your groceries. Nobody at the check-out asks who you are – they just scan the box and then sell you the phone. You might be anyone from anywhere. It’s not even essential to register the number and also top up using a credit card, although you can perform this if you would like. You can purchase top up cards in numerous shops and just enter in the card number. It is all unknown.

That is why so many scammers use mobile phones. Anyone can purchase one, anyone can use one, you could use it anywhere and also anyone can top it up.

I believe you can begin to see exactly how hard it is to gather a realistic listing of the owner of which cell number and also to give a reasonable lookup services. Yet these services are available. So – how do they manage to give a reverse lookup service and also why do you have to pay for it.

Reverse lookup services need to gather the information for themselves. This means getting in huge lists of cell numbers as well as collating them to provide meaningful data. No easy job. These listings are frequently compiled from web sites or forms that ask folks for their own cell numbers. If you don’t particularly ask that the information is not passed on (generally by checking or perhaps unchecking a box) then your data may get added to one of many lists that’s then sold to the reverse lookup companies.

The white pages data is provided as an extra because their clients are by now spending money on the provision of their landlines. Reverse number providers are companies that exist solely to offer this particular service and also have to earn money to pay their own employees, maintain their websites and buy in those all important listings of data.

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