How to be Successful in Your Long Distance Relationship

Whether it’s your first time in a long distance relationship or you’ve had plenty of experience with it, it is likely you may think that there are many secrets about how to have a successful one. But don’t worry, if you know the golden rules, you’ll give your relationship the best chance possible.

Tell Your Partner Everything

The greatest secret on how to make long distance relationships work? Having no secrets at all. Share everything and don’t keep anything what-so-ever from each other. It should be common practice to communicate daily events that may cause a problem in the relationship even if you see each other every day, and it’s still the practise in a distance relationship.

Build Your Trust

Possibly the most vital rule for long distance couples is trust. Before making the commitment, you should evaluate how much you trust your partner and set out the parameters of the relationship. If you’re married you should already have a strong sense of trust for each other, and so building upon that trust with healthy communication will only build it further.

Know Where The Relationship Is Going

I’ve found that planning the next trip to see each other before the current one has ended has really helped to give couples something to look forward to. You should of course think very hard about your future together. If you both aren’t planning a long term commitment, it’s going to get quite thin quite quickly.

Let Your Feelings Be Known

It’s not good to hide your feelings away. If you are unhappy with your partner, let them know about it. Don’t keep it all inside for fear of hurting their feelings. They are supposed to be there for you, and a relationship is something that the both of you have to be constantly working on. The steps I advise taking are to bring up the problem, understand the problem, then both agree on the best way to get over the problem.

Develop Your Communication Skills

Another crucial rule to a successful long distance relationship is communication. Always remember, communication is key! Download a free internet phone service and make sure you leave time to talk every single day. Call, text and make your loved one a part of your life.

Arrange Regular Internet Dates

Having a few internet dates can be quite a relief during those long periods apart from each other. Ideas can be anything from star gazing over the phone to a romantic Skype dinner date. Remember to be creative and you will always keep your partner interested.

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