How to Date in College

Dating in college can be a tricky situation because it is usually where your understanding of how to date starts to build. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind so that one day down the line when you begin a fresh new relationship you have this date advice to look back on and thank for guiding you correctly on how to successfully date without the added drama. (Image by dirac3000 via Flickr)

When dating in college you must remember the campus is like its own city … a fairly small city. That means whatever happens that you do will spread quickly, especially if you are known. So keep a good reputation while dating so that you don’t have to worry about that.

Don’t try to hook up with other people while in a relationship because once again that will spread fast and you won’t just ruin your relationship, but you will probably mess up your chance of getting with anyone else.

With college there are always new people coming which means new fresh faces for you to possibly be interested in. With knowing that, don’t move to quick. Take things slow and figure out exactly what you want and what your options are.

Keeping a fresh look – Some girls prefer the shaggy look, but if you are thinking about “shagging”, then shave, shower and be presentable. No one expects you to wear suits or Polo shirts, but you should consider things such as grooming and overall presentation.

You should always stay clear of dating one of your friends ex’s. This in itself causes a lot of trouble and a loss of friend. So just stay clear of doing it. If you do plan on doing so, notify your friend first to see how they feel about it.

Not taking the risk – We all are nervous at first to confront the one we like. But if you don’t take the initiative who’s to say they would? The one thing that will surely haunt you is not taking the chance to talk to that girl you’ve been eyeing; she may have been shy and just waiting for you to go up to her, but you never did. Besides what’s the worst that can happen they say no? Oh well rookie mistake you get them next year.

… Additional information 10 Don’ts of College Dating

If you are going to date in college you should seriously use the advice just given. You want to have a good reputation at college when it comes to both academics and you social life.

The college starting a relationship scene can be pretty scary, so here is some date advice tips by Sienna Nalin to keep your reputation pristine while starting a relationship in college

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