How to Deal With Arguing as a Long Distance Couple

It’s sure to happen. Sometimes you can’t do anything to help it. There is bound to be a few spats when two separate people come together. But it’s perfectly normal. It can be hard to get over a fight in a long distance relationship, so I’ve laid out a few guidelines below to help you through the situation.

During The Argument

Pick Your Words With Care

Often when 2 people get into an intense disagreement they totally lose control and they sometimes say things to each other that they wouldn’t even dream of saying in a normal conversation. We understand you will be very mad at each other. And it could totally be their fault. And you may be totally be perfect too. But remember to choose your words thoughtfully. Be sure to take some long deep breaths and think it over before saying anything that could jeopardise the relationship. This will definitely assist in the making up process, and most important help to shield your companions feelings.

Stop The Contact Until Both of You Are Cooled Down

It’s no good talking to them while you are still upset with your lover. It’s probably best to quit all communication until you both have calmed down and are ready to make up with one another. No phone calls. No text messages. No Skype.

When Making Up

It’s Not About Who’s To Blame

It’s not about who’s to blame for the argument. It’s about the cause of the disagreement. If you disagree about something that they don’t really like about you, then maybe it’s time to change that something they don’t like. A lot of people have an, “I can’t change for anybody” attitude in a relationship. Take it from us, the ones that can and do change are the ones that have a stronger relationship with one another.

Don’t Forget That You Are On Your Partners Side

As you grow closer together, you have to learn to make decisions together. These choices will determine your future. You are both in the relationship because you love each other, and you both want the same positive final result. Just remember that you are each on the same team.

Mail An Apology Note

A nice gesture after you have made up is to write your companion a letter explaining that you are sorry for hurting their feelings. Let your partner know that you don’t want to argue anymore, but make sure to let your feelings be known about the issues. You should send a gift along with it, or a picture that will help to remind them of a happy time you spent with each other.

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