How To Handle Being Away From Your Partner During A Special Occasion

Celebrating unique occasions and sending a gift to your long distance lover can be quite an overwhelming process. How can you celebrate with your lover if they are a great distance away from you? Although it can be a disappointing reminder of the fact that you aren’t with each other, I hope that I can assist in the planning of your Christmas, birthday, valentines day etc. with these helpful tips.

Try Your Best To Talk Online

With applications such as Skype, it has become rather simple to see each other every day. A growing number of long distance partners are having positive outcomes because they are using these applications. It is important to talk person-to-person on web cam on the day of your special occasion.

Be Sure That You Have A Great Gift Picked Out

Anyone can send an ornament at Christmas time, or a box of chocolates on St. Valentines day, but wouldn’t it be nice to actually design your significant other a gift? You may work on a collage to give them. Or why not make them a custom made card? If you truly put your mind to it, you could certainly craft them a great gift.

Remember The Postal Service Restrictions

So we hate to break it to you, but you can’t mail all things by the postal service. Restricted items include nail polish, tobacco, perfumes and any perishable products. And if you are shipping your significant other something that is time sensitive, be sure to double-check the expected date of arrival.

Open The Presents At The Same Time

It is a wonderful idea to open your gifts at the same time. Nothing can beat experiencing the look on your lovers face when they open something special that you sent. If you can’t chat on Skype, it might be fun to create a short video of yourself opening up the present and send it to them later that day.

Buy An Advert in Their Preferred Newspaper or Magazine

An impressive way of expressing your love for your sweetheart during a holiday is to purchase an advert in their preferred reading material. Be sure they see it by pointing them towards reading the pages. You could possibly even post a picture of you both from a past date. Your sweetheart will just love seeing your display of love.

Have A Long Distance Date

You should set some time apart to arrange in a webcam date. You could choose from a webcam dinner date to star gazing at the same time. An awesome date idea is the classic candlelight dinner and a movie date. You both prepare dinner individually and then spend the time after watching a movie through your Netflix account (free from The Long Distance Relationship Advice Group).

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